Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dear Bean

Dear Bean,

This is it. These are our final days, possibly our final hours, together in the way we are now. Sometime soon, very soon, you will be joining our family out here and Earth side. I am so looking forward to it, but I am also very sad at the prospect. It is never easy for a mother, or perhaps it is just me, to let go of those precious moments that only we get to have while you are safe inside, whirling, twirling, and kicking out your own special little patterns. I will miss laying there at night after everyone else is asleep feeling you dance around in your own private suit. I will miss resting my hands on you and having you stretch and kick against my palms. I will miss the bond. These moments where I am closer to you than I will ever be again. I will miss it all. 

I guess I will miss keeping you selfishly to myself. :)

But there are people out here that are so eager to meet you. It wouldn't be fair if I deprived them of you much longer. Your Daddy and brothers are all so excited, and ask after you daily. Parker and Sebastian want to know when you are coming. All I can tell them is that you will be here when you are ready. Perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps next week. But very soon.

Then life will never be the same again. You will be here, and everything I've known will change. It will change for the better, of that I am sure, but there will be so much change. I'm ready. I think I'm ready. I'd better be ready, because it's almost time.

When I say things will never be the same again, please know that I don't mean that in anything except the best way. Everything will change. It's happened twice before, in the moments that I first welcomed your brothers into the world, and everything changes...For the better. It all changes for the better. It can be scary. I'm a little scared about how you are going to change our family. My life. But I am oh so excited too!

I can't wait to meet you, Bean! When the time comes, remember, we're in this together. Labor will be only a moment in time, and then you'll be in my arms. That's when the real adventure will begin.

I love you. Forever. See you soon.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Gender Prediction Project Two: Final Predictions

I made it! Here we are. It's October. I wanted Bean to make it to October, and s/he has obliged. It's nine days until my "guess date", and while I don't know if Baby Bean will be "on time" or "late", (After Bash, I don't even consider "early" as an option anymore.) I feel it is time to take one more opportunity to review the 2014 round of predictions and take any last minute bets. 

We covered a ton of Old Wive's Tales and other methods of prediction this time around. With the help of my readers and some in depth Google searches, I came up with many methods that I hadn't covered during the first Gender Prediction Project. I believe the final count was fifteen posts for the Gender Prediction Project Two covering over 60 different ways to predict the sex of your upcoming baby. That's a lot of Old Wive's Tales!

If you missed any of our previous posts, don't worry. This is your chance to catch up, because I'm going to cover all of the Old Wive's Tales from The Gender Prediction Project in this post. Sometime after Bean arrives I will do a Wrap Up where I review which methods were spot on and which didn't quite hit the mark.

I'm looking forward to finally holding the little person who has been kicking around in there all these weeks, not in the least because we'll finally know if we have a beautiful little girl or another amazing little boy! Until that happy moment arrives here are the Final Predictions! Enjoy!

*Remember, if you haven't done so yet, you can still go and vote on our online baby pool to let us know what you think we'll be having. The pool will be open until Bean arrives, and at that time points will be awarded for whoever's guesses were the closest. Come get in on the fun!*

Gender Prediction Project: Part Fifteen

Final Prediction Count:

I know in my last post I had the final count at 37 for boys, but when I was doing this final predictions post I found that I had miscounted several posts back. It's bound to happen every once in awhile. :) 

So, there you have it! Above you have the final prediction for The Gender Prediction Project: Part Two. Any day now we will know which of the methods of prediction were correct got lucky in their guesses and which didn't. I genuinely look forward to reporting the results after Bean arrives! Keep an eye out. Very soon there will be pictures of our beautiful little boy or girl Earth side! I can't wait to show him/her off!

Until next time, happy predicting! :)

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