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The Gender Prediction Project Two: Part Nine

Here we are. Entry nine of this years Gender Prediction Project, and I have some more prediction methods for you! If, like most of my fellow October 2014 Mommies, you already know the sex of your baby, it's okay. You can still play along. See how these old wive's tales measured up to your reality. If you are early in your pregnancy and still waiting to find out, try some of these out and see what they predict for you. If, like me, you choose to wait until the baby is placed in your arms to see what you have, keep track along with me and then let us know how the old wives did with predicting your baby's sex! This is fun for everyone!

Once Upon A Dream

Are you having dreams about the moment that beautiful little bundle is placed in your arms? Some people believe that your dreams can tell you what you are having! It's very simple. If you are dreaming of having a little boy, a little girl is on the way. If you are dreaming of having a little girl then you will have a little boy! Apparently, being pregnant gives mommies some kind of super-human dream power to see into the future, but only in reverse.

With both boys I had dreams of both genders, so I have no idea what that means. The most memorable dream with Sebastian was of a little girl that we named Josephine Katherine (we called her Josie Kate), and I swear to you that I could still feel her in my arms and smell her baby scent when I woke up. I was in love with that little girl! However, I had dreams about little boys too. I think that means that this dream probably has a 0% accuracy rate with us so far. Of course, it could be the first gender you dream about, or the dream that is the most real...They aren't very specific about some of these Old Wive's tales.

This time around my very first dream was of the most beautiful little boy! He had a head full of hair and these huge, beautiful eyes! He was also tiny, which is unusual for my children. (We grow them big!) I was enchanted! About two nights later I dreamed of a very bald, chunky, beautiful little girl. Since we know that there aren't twins in there, I again am at a loss for this one. We could be expecting either a little boy or a little girl depending on which dream is the most "accurate". That's a fat lot of help, isn't it?

Massively Moody?

Take a moment and think about how you've been feeling. Your mood tells you a lot about what is going on inside your uterus. If you are feeling like you have an even keel going on despite the crazy amount of hormones rushing through your system right now then you can expect a little boy. Are your mood swings giving other people whiplash? (Or causing them to join witness protection?) It's because of your little girl. 

I have always had a tendency to be rather weepy during pregnancy. Diaper commercials, a good book, spilled milk (literally)...I cry. I asked my husband once if he thought I was abnormally moody during my other pregnancies. (I trust him to give me an honest answer. He's not one to sugar coat these things, even when it might be safer better for him if he did.) He says that I didn't really have "mood swings" I was just more prone to tears. (Which is what I thought, but I thought it best to check with someone who had to experience it from the other side.) I think that this would make this method of prediction accurate for both boys so far.

This pregnancy however...Oh. My. Goodness. My moods have been absurd! I can go through 5 or 6 different emotions in a 45 second period, and none of them make even a bit of sense to me. I'm fairly certain that I'm not safe for human interaction some days. Little Bean is in there messing with my emotional mission control like it's a video game, and I wish s/he'd give Mommy just a little break. Given that we have 100% accuracy rate with this one so far a prediction of a little girl this Fall might not seem that far off.

Catching Their Interest

If you are in a position to have other little people around you during your pregnancy, specifically little boys, they can help you to predict what you will be having. If other little boys in your life (your children, nephews, friend's sons, strangers at the park...) are showing a lot of interest in your growing belly then you can expect a little girl. If they couldn't care less that you are in the middle of growing an entire new life from a couple of tiny cells then you are expecting a boy. 

This one has a 0% accuracy rate for us so far. I wasn't around little boys during my pregnancy with Parker, so I can't judge that one, but Parker was very involved and interested in my second pregnancy, and Bash is most certainly 100% boy! (He did tell us at the time that he wanted a sister.) This pregnancy both boys are interested. They will sit around discussing baby names and what they want to do with their new sibling when s/he arrives. Of course, they don't agree on what they want baby Bean to be at all, and there have been some impressive arguments in our home about whether we are getting a brother or a sister, but they are both most certainly showing interest! Based on that, Bean should come out a little girl in October. 

Unusually, this post seems to lean more towards team pink, with only one boy prediction against three predictions for a girl. One of those predictions for each (the dream one) could go either way though, so it could really be three predictions for a girl and none for a boy or two for a girl and one for a boy, but I decided to award each team a point for the dream prediction. This brings our total up to 28 boy predictions vs. 17 girl predictions. The ladies are still trailing, but there is time to catch up. :) I can't wait to see!

Happy predicting!

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*Disclaimer: This, and all posts for The Gender Prediction Project, is something I am doing for fun. I am not a doctor, and I make no claims that these methods of sex prediction work. This should in no way shape or form be taken seriously. Please do not go out and buy clothes, furniture, toys, paint, or wallpaper based on any of the prediction methods you see here. These blog posts should be taken with a grain of salt, and if you choose to participate in them along with me, realize that there is no way to know the sex of your baby 100% until they are in your arms and you are looking at the evidence with your own two eyes. Even ultrasounds can be wrong, so join in at your own risk! ;) Happy predicting!*


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