Sunday, April 29, 2012

P90X Week 3

Week three. Already? I'll be done with this before I know it. :0)
Last week didn't start off how I wanted it to. My first day of week two, I missed a day. And I felt terrible about it. A complete and total failure. Michael pointed out, and he was right, that I was being to hard on myself. (What in the world would I do without that man?)
Listen, this is life, and sometimes life happens in a big way. Last week we were getting ready for my son's birthday party like crazy people. Not only that, but the little man had several days in a row where he was just generally inconsolable. Every time I tried to put him down he was screaming. Not fussing, but screaming. It happens. It wasn't like I just said "Pshhh. I don't want to do that today." I did want to. I spent the greater part of the day wearing my workout clothes and trying to start, only to be stopped by a party issue or a screaming 7 month old. That's life, and it happens. Even athletes have days they don't get to hit the gym. It's not about the days you miss, but the fact that you jump right back on the next day that shows your commitment.
So, I jumped right back in with both feet. Even though we were on vacation last week, I did it. I'm a little behind where I was on dates, but I'm not behind. I'm right where I need to be in my journey to become a happier, healthier me. Mentally, I'm in it. :0) So, let's get started with week three!

Monday, April 23, 2012

P90X Week 2

Week two of P90X, let's begin. I'm really proud of myself after last week, and I'm going to keep it up! After all, it's not just for my family, but for me too. Besides, it was actually a lot of fun...with a few minor exceptions. (Plyometrics, I'm looking at you here.)

I guess it's time to jump right in!

Friday, April 13, 2012

P90X Week 1

Yes, I've done it. Decided to tackle P90X. I have no idea what I was thinking, except that I am tired of being sad and angry every time I look in the mirror. (And quite a bit of the between times too.) No, I don't just sit on the couch stuffing my face. I have numerous health issues and numerous doctors have dropped the ball. I am not the only reason I am this way. But I am the only person who can get me to a healthy place. The people who have neglected to get me what I need medically are not going to be the ones kicking my own butt to get me to where I want and need to be. I have to put all my anger at them behind me and realize that I'm the only person who can pick me up.

Luckily, I have some amazing support in my husband and boys. Somehow, killing myself in a workout is so much easier when my almost 3 year old is next to me doing all the moves and chanting "Go, Mommy, go! Go, Mommy, go!"

So, p90X it is...because trying Insanity might actually kill me. Maybe after a round or two of P90X I'll tackle it, but not now. Can't let my ego get in the way. :0)

Someone Is Three

Someone is three now. I bet you can guess who is is. Of course, you might (like me) be in denial that he could possibly be three years old already. It is true though. I have proof.

Yeah. That's my big boy.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is That God?

I had one of the best conversations I've ever had with my big guy today. It at least made it into the top 5. I would like to take a moment to say, yet again, what a blessing my oldest is. Every day he makes me look at the world in a new and different way...and today was no exception.

We were in line at the BX with a friend of ours. Now, growing up on a military base, it is rare that Parker ever even sees a man with facial hair, much less hair longer than a quarter inch or so on their head. Of course, we get husbands, children and other dependents that live on base and work places, including the BX. The man checking us out had very long hair, longer than mine, though well kept and shiny. Parker studied him for a moment, then turned to me with a very serious expression on his face. Sure that he was about to ask me, in a very loud voice, if he was a man or a woman, I was ill prepared for what he asked instead. Serious and almost in awe, he goes:

"Mommy, is that GOD?!"

I feel terrible, because I burst out laughing. Parker was looking at me like I was slightly crazy, and still waiting for an answer. I started to say no, of course not, but then I realized who knows? Maybe God likes to come down and mingle with us poor wives at the BX check out line. Probably not, but I couldn't give him a certain no either. Instead I responded with an "I don't know, but I don't THINK so." That seemed the safest answer. Don't want to offend God after all.

My "baby" will be 3 in 15 minutes. *sniff*