Sunday, April 29, 2012

P90X Week 3

Week three. Already? I'll be done with this before I know it. :0)
Last week didn't start off how I wanted it to. My first day of week two, I missed a day. And I felt terrible about it. A complete and total failure. Michael pointed out, and he was right, that I was being to hard on myself. (What in the world would I do without that man?)
Listen, this is life, and sometimes life happens in a big way. Last week we were getting ready for my son's birthday party like crazy people. Not only that, but the little man had several days in a row where he was just generally inconsolable. Every time I tried to put him down he was screaming. Not fussing, but screaming. It happens. It wasn't like I just said "Pshhh. I don't want to do that today." I did want to. I spent the greater part of the day wearing my workout clothes and trying to start, only to be stopped by a party issue or a screaming 7 month old. That's life, and it happens. Even athletes have days they don't get to hit the gym. It's not about the days you miss, but the fact that you jump right back on the next day that shows your commitment.
So, I jumped right back in with both feet. Even though we were on vacation last week, I did it. I'm a little behind where I was on dates, but I'm not behind. I'm right where I need to be in my journey to become a happier, healthier me. Mentally, I'm in it. :0) So, let's get started with week three!

Week 3 Weight: It sucks to look at the scale and be up. It sucks even more to be up by 4 pounds. Part of me is telling myself that I'm gaining muscle, and part of me is wondering if it wasn't vacation food. Either way, it sucks. And either way, it doesn't matter. Yes, it makes me feel terrible, but is it going to stop me from doing week three? No. Is it going to make the pounds go away by sitting there feeling bad about it? No. I'm just going to bust my rear that much harder. Hopefully I'll be down those four pounds and then some next week. 

Sunday April, 22, 2012
Week 3, Day 15:
I was so tired today. We drove back from Nevada, so 10 + hours in the car, not to mention the "End Of Vacation" blues. (Which I don't think would be so bad if it weren't for the "Deployment Coming Soon" blues stacked on top of it.) Still, after we got the boys to bed, I started week three with a bang. And I felt better after doing it, even though I went from tired to darn-freaking-exhausted. Though, I have determined that I have no abs. Not just that I have weak ones, but that they don't exist. Also, I am directionally challenged. Why is it that I can do bicycles going forward (not well or anything, but they get done), but when I am asked to do them backwards I turn into a slobbering idiot that has no control over my own motor skills? I should record this. Then I could send it in to America's Funnies Home Videos and win $10,000.

Monday April, 23, 2012
Week 3, Day 16:
I hate Plyometrics. I will always hate Plyometrics. There is no reason I can think of that a girl with size H breasts should be jumping around like a frog on hot coals. I really, truly hate you.

That being said, I had to modify less today. I worked it hard. Michael said he can always tell I'm working hard doing plyo because I change colors. Maybe that's not a good thing. lol. And Sebastian loves watching me bounce around from his jumper. He gets all excited and starts bouncing harder himself. So, it has its up points I suppose.

I'm not going to lie and say I am not THRILLED that I won't have to do you next week though! YAY!!!

Tuesday April, 24, 2012
Week 3, Day 17:
It was a good day. I think I did well anyways. I did heavier weights on one of the moves, and I managed to do more in every move. That's a good day for me. I feel more exhausted this week than I have in past weeks, which surprises me a little bit, but I suppose it is just one of the stages. Or this much activity is slowly killing me. Who knows. :0) Anything has to be better than what I've been feeling like though, so I'm all for it.

Wednesday April, 25, 2012
Week 3, Day 18:
Yoga did not go well for me today. I don't know why. Unlike last week when I felt that I was able to do more, I felt I was able to do significantly less today. That was frustrating. Not to mention, I was having zero luck emptying my mind. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't get my head into it today, which means I couldn't get my heart into it. That was frustrating, which made it even harder to get my head or heart into it at all. *sigh* A bad day all around.

But, I finished. I might have stopped more and felt more defeated, but I still saw it through to the ends. That has to count for something, right? Things will be better tomorrow. After all, it might be hard to clear my mind, but it's also hard not to smile when I look up from warrior pose to see my 3 year old and 8 month old with their hands in the air looking at me and grinning.

Thursday April, 26, 2012
Week 3, Day 19:
I DID IT!!! Well, I did all of it, but I am talking specifically about one part. After doing my legs and back (my bottom is so sore) it was time for ab ripper. Now, I think I have mentioned that I have exactly no abs. Ab ripper is always a bit of a struggle for me, and for the entire time I have been doing this program there have been a couple of moves I have had to modify. Specifically leg climbers. I have tried and tried and just not been able to climb my leg. So I modified and wondered when, if ever, I'd be able to do it. Well, last night I DID IT!!! I was starting, not really thinking much would happen, when I realized I was doing it. I was so happy I was almost in tears. Michael and Parker came in to see what I was shouting about and I just kept saying "I'm doing it! I'm doing it!" Parker got this big grin, clapped his hands, and said "Mommy, I'm so proud of you!" That was all I needed. I'll never stop now. I'm proud of me too. :0)

Friday April, 27, 2012
Week 3, Day 20:
OK. I love Kenpo. There is no way you can't feel better when you spend an hour kicking an imaginary ass. Take that imaginary villain.

Saturday April, 28, 2012
Week 3, Day 21:
Day of rest. Ahhhhh. I'm going to enjoy it before week 4, which is something completely different. I'm both nervous and looking forward to it.


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