Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bubba's Birthday Parties: A Visual Journey

Bubba Bear's birthday was on April, 13th! I can't believe that our baby is one! It all happened so fast! 

Bubba is getting three parties for his big O-N-E! We had a get together on Tuesday, his actual birthday, at our house. We had "framily" there to share the special day with us. Mommy made a cake and cupcakes and we did presents from Mommy and Daddy. (Which ended up being an all day thing...We probably had about 4 or 5 gift sessions because he kept getting bored.)

He had a big party on Saturday the 17th with a bunch of friends and "framily". We did an Eric Carle theme, which was so much fun! There were kids everywhere, toys, bar-b-q...It was fun, but I am so glad that I don't have to worry about that for another year! I made another cake for that party, and I hope I never have to ice another cupcake! 

He will get a third party when we go home to Ohio next month with our friends and family there. It will be a jungle theme, but I don't have to worry as much about that. My Mother and Grandmother are doing a lot of that party stuff, and Grandmama is making the cake, which makes me so happy! I am thrilled that Parker gets a Grandmama Cake! (They are the thing of legend in our family.)

Of course, I took a billion pictures. (I'm not exaggerating either.) Here are just a few for your enjoyment!
This was the cake for his Tuesday party. It was devil's food with home made chocolate and butter cream icing. The nose and foot pads were made out of chocolate chips. I loved his blue eyes! I figure with as beautiful as his eyes are, Bubba's cake had to have blue eyes too.

These were the cupcakes I made for everyone else at his first party. The bears are silicone cupcake holders that I found at Michael's. I love them!

Bubba's Tod Rod...the coolest present EVER! It's a Power Wheel for younger children.

Bubba got lots of books! We love books!

We do our own "professional" photos for all the big events and milestones. 

We had the Eric Carle theme for his Idaho Party. I found this cake idea at Coco Cake Cupcakes and thought it was just adorable! I didn't use fondant for the head. I don't really like it and I felt icing gave off more of an Eric Carle feel anyways...but I thought it was an amazing idea and was happy to get to do it. 

I used sprinkles for the little "hairs".

We used the Eric Carle theme throughout the entire party.


It was a great couple of days! I can't believe he's one! It's been an amazing ride so far, and I'm looking forward to the rest of it!

God bless and thank you for reading. (And looking.)



crisc23 said...

AWWWW Happy Birthday Parker!!. This year went so fast..his party looked GREAT

Aaron and Katie said...

Holy cow! I love that!!! I think I might need to use your pictures of the caterpillar cupcakes as inspiration for a future birthday party.