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I love to read. Anything and everything I can get my hands on is good enough for me, and it has been for as long as I can remember. I was that kid in class getting into trouble for having novels tucked inside my text books to read while I was supposed to be learning what X equaled...or whatever. 

Nothing beats a good novel, and I still love nothing more than curling up with a new adventure or a familiar favorite when I have the time. "When I have the time." being the key phrase there, and I seem to have less and less of that these days. However, I also enjoy sitting down to read a great blog now and then. It's much less time consuming compared to your average Dickens and they can be great resources for recipes, arts and crafts, home schooling projects, home improvements, and DIY. That's what we call multitasking!

These are my favorites! I couldn't imagine not sharing these wonderful bloggers and authors with the rest of the world. Click the links. Read them. You'll love them too!

White House Black Shutters 
with the amazing Ann Marie

I've been blessed enough to "know" this lady for over 7 years now! We met on a pregnancy board when we were both pregnant with our oldest children. I now have my awesome trio, and Ann Marie's family recently welcomed their fifth beautiful little one last year! Ann Marie is a kind, loving, and beautiful person, inside and out, and she is also the most amazing home renovator, decorator, and DIYer on the planet! Founder of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge, White House Black Shutters is the perfect place to find ideas if you are simply looking to spruce up the colors in your living room or doing an all out home renovation! I absolutely love reading this blog when I have a spare moment, and I know that you will enjoy it too! You can find the whole blog at

Enjoying the Small Things
with Kelle Hampton

I've been reading this blog since 2010, and I am not kidding you when I say that I take something away from every single post this woman posts! Kelle is also the author of the touching novel Bloom:Finding Beauty in the Unexpected, and I've recommended her book to everyone I know since the first time I read it. (I kid you not. Read it!) Kelle writes in a way that makes you feel like you're sitting in her living room with her, laughing and crying together, as you enjoy a cup of coffee and watch your littles play. Seriously, why can't I have neighbors like this? Her blog is also bursting with home decor ideas, DIY projects, and funny life lessons. I have an entire board on Pinterest of awesome "Somday I'll Do This" ideas that is mostly pins from Kelle and Ann Marie's (See above) blogs. Maybe someday I really will too, but don't put off reading this blog until "someday"! Enjoying the Small Things can be found at

The Pioneer Woman
with Ree Drummond

If you don't like amazing food I can't help you. If you do then you need to read Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman's, blog. You also need to buy her cookbooks, watch her show, and (if you have little ones) read her Charlie the Ranch Dog books! Charlie is so popular in our house that the boys got Charlie the Ranch Dog themed Easter baskets last year, and we watch The Pioneer Woman on Food Network regularly for ideas of things we can make in our kitchen. Her cookbooks are often used, and her Key Lime Pie recipe is a thing of legend in Castle Gordon. Another woman who I am just sure would be one of my best friends if we ever met, Ree shares food, family, friends, and her home in her blog. (And her home is absolutely beautiful.) You can find the blog at 

Katie Counts Photography
with the extremely gifted and talented Katie Counts

My favorite photographer, and dear friend, Katie Counts is the only person I trust to photograph my family! She's just such an amazingly gifted photographer. Her blog is a beautiful sample of her work and a joy to look through! Check out her blog at and then go book a session at! If you live in or near Ohio you couldn't ask for someone better to help tell your story in photographs! 

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