Monday, April 23, 2012

P90X Week 2

Week two of P90X, let's begin. I'm really proud of myself after last week, and I'm going to keep it up! After all, it's not just for my family, but for me too. Besides, it was actually a lot of fun...with a few minor exceptions. (Plyometrics, I'm looking at you here.)

I guess it's time to jump right in!

Week 2 Weight:
Nope, I'm still not posting it, but I am down a pound from last week. Any weight loss is good, but I am disappointed. I had hoped for more. I guess I'm just going to have to hit it even harder this week!

Friday April, 13, 2012
Week 2, Day 8:
Week 2 did NOT start out well. I missed a day. It wasn't for lack of trying. Sebastian was having one of those days where he was screaming, not just crying but blood curdling screaming, every time I tried to put him down. Then, with Parker's party tomorrow, when Michael came home we had to run up to Boise to get his balloons and some last minute things, and then when we got home it was bed time for the boys and decorating/cleaning time fro us...We have just now stopped and it is 4:30am. I am really disappointed, but Michael said "You start again tomorrow". He's right. Sometimes you just can't help a day like today, and you can't use it as an excuse not to hop back on that horse. That is, if I can even stay awake tomorrow. I'm too old for these all nighters. 

Saturday April, 14, 2012
Week 2, Day 8...again:
NO part of me wanted to work out today. After 3 hours of sleep and an exhausting (though it was great) great birthday party, all I wanted to do was curl up and take a nap. I would have killed to have nothing to do. But I also knew I would feel terrible if I didn't and that it would be that much harder if I had another day off. So I sucked it up, put on my workout gear, and got to it.

No point in lying, it really stunk at first. I could barely lift my feet off the ground and even when moving I felt like my eyes were going to close. But that was just at first. Within a few minutes I felt more awake and energized. After I was done, I felt great!

Well, except for the Ab Ripper part. Somehow I end up feeling like a fish out of water just flopping around on the floor when I do that. It doesn't help to have Michael going "No, you're supposed to lift up your legs!" when I am laying there doing everything in my power to lift them up and getting them about 2 inches off the ground. Don't get me wrong, my abs feel worked...I just know I'm not as impressive as those people on my screen.

Sunday April, 15, 2012
Week 2, Day 9:
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Dear Plyometrics, I still hate you! We discovered just today that there is an alternative for those of us not ready to tackle plyo yet...Wish we'd known that last week. Now that I have done it (twice, I might add), doing the alternative would feel like going back instead of moving forward. I certainly don't want to do that. Still...did I mention AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Out of all the workouts, plyo leaves me feeling the most discouraged. Because of my knees, I have to modify practically everything. In fact, I have to modify the modified version of the moves. It just leaves me feeling like I will never be able to do what they do. And that makes me want to cry. However, it does not make me want to give up. And that is a good thing. I want to do what they are doing...which clearly means I should be committed. I just feel like there is about as much a chance of that as there is of my sprouting golden wings and flying to the sun. I don't like feeling discouraged, especially when these workouts are so amazing about making you feel like you're doing great, as long as you are doing something.

I won't give up, but boy oh boy am I tired. And sore. And next week I have to do plyometrics after I will have spent the entire day in a car diving home from Nevada...Let me tell you how much I'm looking forward to that...

Monday April, 16, 2012
Week 2, Day 10:
I think at some point today I told him I hope his abs gave him cancer. I didn't mean it, but sheesh. The Ab Ripper kills me. TO the point where even taking deep breaths the next day makes me end uip sore. Sore but not injured, and that is always a good thing. Just keep swimming! (Because I am swimming in sweat.) 

Tuesday April, 17, 2012
Week 2, Day 11:
Damn it. Another "missed" day. I guess I should say "delayed", because I don't actually miss a day, I just end up pushing it back. Getting everything together for our first family vacation just did not lend its self to an hour and a half of yoga today. I will do it tomorrow though.

Wednesday April, 18, 2012
Week 2, Day 11...again:
Did it! Even after an 11 hour drive down to Vegas, I got settled in, put the boys to bed, and yogaed the hell out of it. Go me. Who says you can't work out on vacation?

Thursday April, 19, 2012
Week 2, Day 12:
Today was a leg workout, and I didn't do the video. Both Michale and I agreed that over 12 hours of walking up and down The Strip pushing a double stroller counted as a pretty good leg workout for the week. The point is to be active, right? Always keep moving, and I was certainly doing that today. Not to mention that if I had tried to do the leg workout I might have just died. My legs and feet feel like I would gladly cut them off right now. The Strip = Good workout.

Friday April, 20, 2012
Week 2, Day 13:
I LOVE KENPO! Just saying! There is something about it that is just fun! Of course, I loved Taebo when we did a unit on that in high school gym too, and it's kind of similar. Yes, I am swimming in sweat, but that's a good feeling too. Another day of walking The Strip, but I feel better tonight, even after the work out. Yay me! Tomorrow we are taking Parker and Sebastian to see Thomas the Train and then we are getting ready to head back to Idaho early Sunday morning. Tomorrow is my stretch or rest day. I bet you can guess which I'll be doing. 

Saturday April, 21, 2012
Week 2, Day 14:
Oh yes. I rested today. So sue me. Week 2, DONE!


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