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The Gender Prediction Project Two: Part Ten

Ten! We made it ten Gender Prediction Project posts this time around! That's exciting, at least to me. We have about two and a half months to go until Bean will be making his/her big entrance, so there is still quite a lot of time to add more predictions to our list! If you have anything you would like me to try, let me know either here or on the Facebook Page. I'm open to (almost) anything. :)

Dental Health

Pregnancy can be hard on all parts of your body, including your oral health. Some women who have never had a cavity in their life will suddenly get several while they are pregnant. For some there is just more sensitivity in their gums, something that can result in some bleeding when they brush their teeth. Luckily, if you are dealing with this extra pain/blood, there is a silver lining. It can also help you predict the sex of your unborn baby.

For whatever reason, it has been decided that your gums bleeding more than usual means that you are having a little girl! If they aren't bleeding at all, or at least no more than usual, then you are having a boy. I don't exactly understand the theory behind this one, and I don't have to. I just have to report what that means to me here on the blog. I have never noticed a particular change in my mouth during any of my pregnancies, except that my wisdom teeth seem to cause me more issues when I am expecting. (One of these days I will get over my irrational totally rational and practical fear of dentists and have them extracted.) This would mean that this method has a 100% accuracy rate for us so far. There hasn't been any major change in my oral health this pregnancy either (except for those pesky wisdom teeth again of course...Michael might almost have me convinced to have them out after Bean arrives...) which would lead me to believe that, for this prediction at least, we can expect a little boy in about 11 weeks. (give or take)

Mother's Hair Color

Don't worry, I'm not asking about your hair color. If you, like some of us, (ehem) are starting to notice strands of silver/gray, you can continue to pretend like it isn't happening. I know I will. This Old Wive's tale has to do with your mother's hair. If your mother is gray, or at least grayer than not, it means that you can expect a little boy in your future. However, if your mother is not yet gray, or is pretending she isn't (because apparently this prediction doesn't care if it's dye or natural according to everything I've read), then you will be having a little girl. 

This one is about 50% accurate for us so far. My mother's hair is sometimes dyed and sometimes natural. My mother is also the one who pointed out my own first gray hair, mid-contraction, during the birth of my youngest son. (Though I didn't see one until a couple of months later, so I don't count that one.) Thanks for that, Mom. ;) This pregnancy Mom is (mostly) natural though, which means we'll be having a little boy in October. (And, apparently if Mom wants me to have a daughter she needs to keep up with her hair more often.)   

Increasing Bust?

There are so many changes going on in your body during pregnancy. Things leak, they grow, they shrink, get darker, get dryer, fall out, swell, spread...The list is unending! One that is usually either extremely welcomed or not welcomed at all is the changes to our busts. Some women love and anxiously await the prospect that their chests might get significantly larger, and some of us dread the change. (Because when you already have to go to specialty shops in order to find a cup size that fits the thought of having to go even larger is likely going to send you into a hormonal tail spin!) 

Whether you are thrilled or devastated by the changes in your bra, take a moment to look down. If you are experiencing a dramatic change, the kind where your neighbors, friends, and folks at church are all doing their best not to stare open-mouthed at your newly straining buttons, you can blame it on your little girl. Not experiencing the change you had hoped for, or maybe hadn't hoped for, and it is because of your little boy

With both of my sons I went up a cup size or more (to my horror), and the change stayed around until I was done nursing. (As a matter of fact, they never went down to their "normal" size again after the birth of my oldest. I have shirts in my closet that I haven't been able to wear in over 5 years!) Based on that, this prediction method has been 0% accurate for us so far. This pregnancy, to my complete and total shock, they haven't grown at all. In fact, I'm fairly certain they are smaller, which is completely uncharted territory. That would mean that we should expect another little boy, unless my body just works the opposite way of how the Old Wives say it is supposed to, which I am beginning to believe. I suppose we shall see.

Blue wins the day again in this post, with all three predictions for a boy. That brings us up to 31 total little boy predictions against only 17 total little girl predictions. Team pink is trailing by quite a bit, but the fans are still loyal. ;) If you haven't already, take a moment to go cast your vote at our online baby pool and tell me what you think we're having. (We'll review those results on a later post!) 

Until next time, happy predicting!

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*Disclaimer: This, and all posts for The Gender Prediction Project, is something I am doing for fun. I am not a doctor, and I make no claims that these methods of sex prediction work. This should in no way shape or form be taken seriously. Please do not go out and buy clothes, furniture, toys, paint, or wallpaper based on any of the prediction methods you see here. These blog posts should be taken with a grain of salt, and if you choose to participate in them along with me, realize that there is no way to know the sex of your baby 100% until they are in your arms and you are looking at the evidence with your own two eyes. Even ultrasounds can be wrong, so join in at your own risk! ;) Happy predicting!*


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