Friday, September 12, 2014

The Gender Prediction Project Two: Part Fourteen: You Decide Results

Less than a month to go until we should be meeting our little Bean. Saying I am excited would be the worst of understatements, but I am not sure that there is adequate verbage in the English language to describe my feelings. Everyone in the Gordon household is anticipating Bean's arrival with an enthusiasm that mirrors Christmas or a birthday! (Okay, the boys might not be quite as excited as they are for Christmas, but the excitement is still very real!)

Today we're going to review something I first posted about back in July where I asked you for your opinion. What do you think Bean will be when s/he arrives? I've posted a few reminders for people to go and cast their votes on our online baby pool, and today is the day we find out the results! (Up until now at least. You are still able to go vote if you want. Once Bean arrives there will be points assigned and a "winner" is chosen based on whose guesses were closest. Good luck!)  

Popular Opinion

*drum roll please* According to you, Baby Bean will be a little BOY! Team boy didn't win by much though, having only 53% of the votes vs. 47% for team girl. I'm not sure how much of that opinion was based on what people want us to have and how much was based on educated guesses, but the Old Wives seemed to give some weight to public opinion so I figured that I would too. I honestly don't remember what most people thought with Parker, and I know there was a strong push for girl with Bash, (including from myself) so public opinion has at least a 50% fail rate with us. Either way, it will be interesting to see if the public was right this time around in predicting that we'll have a little boy in just about a month!

Thank you for voting. We will see how right you are very soon. 

*Feel free to keep voting on our online baby pool if you haven't already, or if you just want to add another guess. ;) I'll be keeping the pool open until Bean arrives and will give the final results for this, and all of our "predictions" in a post baby edition of the Gender Prediction Project.* 

Only one prediction method this week, yours, and it added another notch in the belt for the boys. Our current count is now 35 predictions for a boy and 24 predictions for a little girl. Not many more weeks for predicting before Bean will be here in my arms! I can't wait to share him/her with the world.

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*Disclaimer: This, and all posts for The Gender Prediction Project, is something I am doing for fun. I am not a doctor, and I make no claims that these methods of sex prediction work. This should in no way shape or form be taken seriously. Please do not go out and buy clothes, furniture, toys, paint, or wallpaper based on any of the prediction methods you see here. These blog posts should be taken with a grain of salt, and if you choose to participate in them along with me, realize that there is no way to know the sex of your baby 100% until they are in your arms and you are looking at the evidence with your own two eyes. Even ultrasounds can be wrong, so join in at your own risk! ;) Happy predicting!*


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