Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Have I Mentioned...

...how awesome it is having my cousin here for a visit?! Not only do my children get some amazing quality time with their Godmother, but I have another adult here to chat with all day long! Poor girl's ears probably ache by the time we go to bed at night, but we laugh. There is so much laughing. We cover a lot of topics in a day too.

She's also wonderful at helping me pick out adorable clothes for my children when we go to places like Once Upon A Child, though I'm not sure how happy Michael is about that part. ;)

I miss having family around so much, so it means so very much to me when we do get that opportunity! I'm having so much fun, and wish she'd just never leave. I do understand that she has to, but it certainly is nice to dream.

I have no pictures to share yet. I will, but I don't yet. For now just enjoy another picture of our old pup playing in the snow. I'll have Holly and Alex pictures later.


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