Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A New Favorite

This pattern!

I kind of love it, and want it on everything! Thanks to Alex, who pointed it out on me. The Lady will be sporting this a lot this summer! I'm not usually the person who gets all excited about clothes and trends, but this is adorable, and looks amazing on my girl. It's probably the only time in my life I've ever wished that they had leggings like this is my size and that I could pull them off! 

We only bought the leggings the other day (after a mad search of two Old Navy locations for her size), but now I want to go back for the dress, shorts, sandals, skirt, etc...Not to mention I want the leggings in just about every size they have. They really are cute, and I wouldn't have looked at them twice if it weren't for Alex being here. 

Yay for family time! Yay for cousins! Yay for outrageously loud leggings that my baby rocks

I'm writing blog posts about leggings...But I'm still writing every day! Yay for goals! 

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