Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Questionable 14,000 Things

The weather was absolutely amazing today, and we took full advantage by taking Alex out to brunch at Bon Ton Cafe followed by a walk around Manitou Springs. Alex proposed doing the Incline together next time she came to visit, which made me crazy happy for two reasons. 1) I'll have someone else with me that dislikes heights and 2) She must mean to come back out and see us again! 

Anyways, it was a very busy, full day with many pictures taken and much walking done. I plan on sharing those soon, but until then I thought it would be easy to flip open to a random page in 14,000 Things to be Happy about and find something random to talk about. What inspiration did I find there?

Colored snow. 

My first thought was that this was a terribly odd thing to be happy about, unless you are happy to own the dog making the snow colored or something, but then a quick Google search presented some alternatives to that theory that I could actually see getting 100% on board with! (None of the below pictures are mine. They were found by doing a Google image search for "Colored Snow")

I feel like several of these are things I really could get happy about, and I am wondering if, with our 66 degree weather in February, Colorado is going to give us another chance to try them out this year. (Who am I kidding. It'll probably be snowing in May!) 

I think this one was my favorite!

Thank you to a Google search for all of these ideas, and thank you to 14,000 Things for causing me to Google search "Colored Snow". 

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