Friday, February 19, 2016

Bloody Awesome!

See this girl? She's bloody awesome!

I was irritated when we went outside. We'd all gone out to brunch, but she just wasn't having it, and Michael had already taken her outside a couple of times. I was finished eating, so stepped out with her again instead of making everyone there listen to her fuss. I was irritated. 

But then we started walking up and down this small stretch of sidewalk in Old Colorado Springs. She babbled at me happily as we strolled in the sunshine, laughed as she ran against the wind, and reached her tiny hands up to hold mine as she stepped on and off a curb. She spotted a painting in a shop window. It was a cow, and she mooed at it enthusiastically before bringing me over to sit on a bench to sit and stare at it for awhile. When her brothers, Daddy, and Alex finally joined us she happily showed them "her" cow. 

I wasn't irritated anymore. 

These moments are so fleeting. I will turn around, in the not so distant future, and she'll be into her own thing. Things far more interesting than walking up and down the sidewalk with her mommy. So I'll take these moments and hold onto them for every second I can. Because sometimes joy can be found in a cow painting, pink sneakers, and a welcome mat. She knows it too.  

And she's bloody awesome!

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