Friday, January 22, 2016

Something New

Eleanor is a little over 15 months old. Depending on the day it's either "She's only 15 months." or "How in the world is she 15 months already?!". I love this age. I've loved it with all three of my children, because it feels like they are learning so very much so quickly. Every day there is something new, and it is such a joy to watch as their mommy. 

The Lady has been showing a particular interest in the potty lately, or at least she is very interested in whoever happens to be on the potty at any given time. Parker is old enough that he closes the door (most of the time), but I am frequently running in to "save" Bash from his sister when she'll toddle in there while it's occupied. She also has little "warnings" that she gives before she fills her diapers which has led Michael and I to casually discuss if we should try putting her on the potty when we think she's getting set to go. It seems so early to me, though Parker was only a few months older when he decided he was ready.

So, today, when it seemed like she might need to go, Daddy asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty. She nodded in the way she does, bobbing even her little eyebrows up and down as she nods, and pattered into the bathroom happily. Daddy pulled out the boys old potty seat, and The Lady sat upon her throne with quite a little audience. (Because, of course, big brothers needed to be right there cheering their girl on.) Songs were sung, and there was a ton of cheering and clapping. I think everyone had a good time, though she didn't go at all. I think, overall, it was an extremely good first experience with the potty. (She's also filled her diaper about three times today, which was hilarious considering she didn't go in he potty at all.)  

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