Thursday, January 21, 2016

Just The Right Moment

You know how you'll sometimes find yourself in a bit of a rut, and you don't much like it, but you can't seem to shake the "blah" feeling? Yeah, me neither. I hear it can be a real pain though. I imagine, that were a person in a rut of this sort, that even the littlest of things could mean a whole heck of a lot. 

Including someone posting a silly little hedgehog meme on your Facebook page just because they know you like hedgehogs. I imagine seeing something like that in the morning might really put a smile on your face at just the right moment even though that friend had no way of knowing that it would mean so much to you. 

Have I mentioned that I am incredibly blessed in my friends, both near and far, both those who I have met in real life and those who I've simply known for years through texts and mommy groups...I am very blessed. 

And that hedgehog is awesome!

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