Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pool Days, School Days

Michael offered to take our three to the pool today so I could have some time to myself. It's the first time anyone in our family has been since Parker broke his arm back In October, and I was bummed not to be able to go with them, but I was desperately behind on some things that needed to get done, so I stayed behind while they went. 

I am told everyone had a good time, though Michael didn't take any pictures for me! Can you believe that?! Luckily I took a couple of The Lady before the left. 

I wish my butt looked that cute in ruffles. I wish my butt looked that cute in anything. 

I missed my little family, but I enjoyed the peace and quiet of an almost empty house. I got a ton done in the 3ish hours I was alone. As is usual, when I have a moment to catch up on things, my mind feels more at peace than I do when I feel like anything is scattered and behind. That is, until I remember the hundred other things I need to catch up on...

Ah well. It was a good feeling while it lasted.  

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