Friday, January 15, 2016

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Alan Rickman died yesterday. I've had several occasions during the day where I just stopped and said "Well, shit." (Sorry, Grandmama.) I've loved Alan Rickman's work for years. I think I fell hardest for him as Colonel Brandon, but I've never seen him in something where I didn't think he was just brilliant. 

My boys know him only as Professor Severus Snape. (They have been around when I've watched Sense and Sensibility, of course. Understandably, Harry Potter holds their attention a little better.) When the boys found me upset yesterday morning I explained to them that the actor who had played Professor Snape had passed away. Parker was quick to give me a hug and a kiss to help me feel better, but Bash simply looked thoughtful for a few minutes before saying "But when you watch the movie he'll be alive again." It broke my heart, and for a moment I began to explain to him why it didn't work like that, but then I stopped. 

He's right. Not in the way he means it. Not exactly. The world has lost an amazing actor. He will never walk across a stage again, or stand before a camera. There will never be another interview or awards show. That part is over. However, there is a part of his soul in every role he played. He will live on in every line he spoke, and every time someone new watches his work for the first time, every time a character is fallen in love with, that part of him will live on. That's amazing! That's beautiful, and it is something to be celebrated. 

After all, you think the dead we love ever truly leave us?

From our biggest to our smallest, we raise our wands to you, Good Sir! Always. 

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