Thursday, January 14, 2016

It Is Time

I just wrote yesterday about how cancer sucks. This morning, as if to prove my point, I woke to the news that this world lost a brilliant actor of both stage and film. I have adored Alan Rickman for years, and my heart is raw tonight. I can think of nothing to say, or at least I am unable to properly articulate what it is that I want to say right now. I hope that I will be able to. Soon. 

Sorrow helped to make a decision though, and it is time. Tonight we began. They won't experience it the way I did. There are parts of the story they already know, because they have grown with the films as a part of their lives, but I am so looking forward to experiencing the magic with them in a way that can only be done through the written world and a blossoming imagination. Tonight we began the adventure I've been waiting to set out on since I found out we were going to have a child. What a journey it will be!

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