Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gordon Productions

It seems appropriate that, on the same day as the Golden Globes were being held in Hollywood (Yay for Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, by the way!), there was an epic production being put on for it's very first engagement right here in the Gordon Theater. 

The boys have been "rehearsing" for days, and today they finally had both Daddy and I home to perform for. I was told, under no uncertain terms, that no photography was permitted to be taken and shared, so you will unfortunately have to use your imagination. I assure you that it was a spectacular event though, complete with costume changes, set designs, and 4 action filled acts. 

We opened with our heroes battling Storm Troopers against daunting odds. They ducked behind bushes that only looked suspiciously like bins of toys if you were a person completely lacking in imagination. Luckily they found themselves able, under cover, to make their way to the Millennium Falcon. (One of them carrying a Wookie on their back no less!) They took off, surrounded, and battled through attacking spaceships with only a single gun and crossbow. Finally our heroes broke away and escaped, traveling to Tatooine, Earth, the Moon, and back to Tatooine. (I might have forgotten a stop or two in there. At some point the audience became quite overcome with giggles, and one tiny audience member decided that she was going to join her brothers the actors on stage where she happily bounced around on the trampoline yelling "Yaaaaaaaay!".) 

Act Two began on the Wookie home planet, which was not Kashyyyk in this version of the Star Wars Universe, though it was something equally as hard to pronounce and spell. Here a loan Wookie (wearing a costume of only underwear, since "Wookies are naked, you know, but that would be inappropriate.") walked and climbed around in his beloved forest of trees. All seemed beautiful and peaceful until an evil Storm Trooper stormed in "Bashing" everything in his path, including the trees. Our lonely Wookie was infuriated by this pointless act of violence, and began beating on his chest and screaming in a manner that I've seen in some Planet of the Apes type movies, but never before from a Wookie. The rest of the second act was a dramatic battle between Storm Trooper and Wookie. I've no idea who won, but I hope our neighbors weren't trying to sleep.

By the third act the Wookie and Storm Trooper were fast friends, and apparently building a life together in the forest. Without warning their home was attacked by a group of roaming Storm Troopers, presumably angered at their companion's betrayal, who demolished their house with such force that audience members were required to remind our actors that giant Lego bins shouldn't be flung around the play room with too much force.   

Act Four finds us back on the Millennium Falcon. After a dramatic battle with the evil Emperor Palpatine, in which the Emperor fell spectacularly, there was a wild dance party of celebration (including the little actress who crashed the scene in Act One) before the curtains fell to tremendous applause.

I have no doubt that it could be taken on the road to critical acclaim of the highest form, but rumor has it that The Company is working on a Gordon Productions version of The Hobbit next. 

Tickets were extremely reasonably priced at only $3 a person, though we were given a discounted price of only $1. (We tipped to make up for the difference though.) The stars even had a meet and greet afterwords where you could get autographs! I have a feeling these ticket stubs will be found in a box years from now and treasured just as much then as they are today. 

"$3 esh
thack you"
(and the 3 is backwards)

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