Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Many Christmas Adventures of Luke Jeremiah the 2013 Edition: Part Two!

I am already dreading the loss of our little Luke after the holidays. We are having so much fun with him this year, and it's double the fun, because Sebastian is much more aware of him this time around. They wake me every morning with a cheery "Good morning, Mama! Let's go see what Luke did!" and one of their last whispers at night is "I wonder what Luke will do tomorrow." 

What will he do?

Night Eight: There was no way that Luke could be here, at the home of my grandparents, and not do something involving chamber pots. (I have exactly zero idea exactly how many chamber pots my grandmother has in her home, but I am sure that it would take several hours to count them all, and you would probably miss many.) I suppose that, when you are looking for something to do with a chamber pot, there is only really one conclusion you can come to. :)

Yes, in case you were wondering, his pot is located under a Christmas tree, a full sized one, in the bathroom! I do know how many Christmas trees are up this year. Grandmama says 15. This is an amazing place for an elf (or a mommy who is still very child like when it comes down to Christmas) during the holidays!

Night Nine: If you have ever wanted to hang upside down on a genuine cow bell, (And who hasn't, really?) Luke says it is a blast! I do think, after being up there all night, that his cheeks seemed a bit pinker than usual. 

Night Ten: What a naughty elf to get into the candy, and what a pig he made of himself! Don't let that cheerful grin fool you, he was quite sick for his gluttony the next morning. Let this be a cautionary tale to all children! A dozen mini Kit Kats are not kind to a tummy the size of a pea. 

Night Eleven: Luke decided, wisely in my opinion, to stay away from the candy for a few nights. Having observed the boys creating paper snowmen last week during school, our Luke decided to make one of his own. There is some kind of indescribable joy a person experience when getting to use scissors, glue sticks, sparkling snowflake stickers, construction paper, and crayons, and I think that joy just might be doubled if you are a small elf. Both little boys were very impressed with his artwork, though Parker questioned why the green crayon was out when it didn't appear to have been used in Luke's masterpiece. (Oops!) Grandmama covered quite nicely for our cheery little friend, and Mommy will have to make sure Luke is more observant about his set ups from now on. :)

Night Twelve: Because, sometimes, it's fun to hide in a stocking.

Night Thirteen: There is a very funny story to this one. You see, Mommy had gone upstairs and to bed without talking to Luke about what he wanted to do. We usually collaborate, you see, and this is the first time I have forgotten to have our nightly chat. So, after I was tucked in nice and warm, I had to jump up and sneak downstairs again. I walked, in the dark, over to the stocking, where Luke had spent his day observing everyone. I reached in at the same time that I turned on the lamp, only my hand didn't make contact with our friendly little elf. I reached deeper, but my fingers came in contact with nothing except the inside of the stocking. I peeked inside, just to confirm, but there was no Luke. I searched, pushing down a completely irrational, uneasy fear that was being fed by the sounds of an old house settling. Surely it was the house settling, and not the sound of little, felt feet pitter pattering behind me across the room, right?

Eventually I stumbled across him on the tree in the kitchen, and am going to comfort myself with the thought that Luke must have discussed plans with Grandmama before we went to bed. After all, that is the logical, grown-up explanation.

Night Fourteen: I finished up a little bit of Christmas/birthday shopping for our "nephew", Trenton, and our niece, Shelly. (Shelly is my special birthday buddy. She will turn five on the 29th of December while I will turn considerably older.) I have almost everything else wrapped and hidden away already, so Luke apparently took pitty on me and wrapped everything up for me to find in the morning. I was very excited. Thank you, little elf.

I wish I could have an elf around all year to help with the little chores around the house. Hermione would be scandalized! :) 


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