Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deck The Halls!

Christmas is my all time favorite holiday. I know that is isn't very original. Almost everyone who celebrates will tell you that Christmas is one of their favorite times of the year, if not their favorite. However, when I tell you that Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, I need you to understand. Christmas is magical. Not just the "it's a magical time of the year" type magic, but I sit here, at almost 30 years old, and am still 100% convinced that there is actual magic that happens this time of year. Most of it at the hands of my Grandmother, who has always added something indescribable to the holiday and decorates her house in a manner which rivals Hogwarts at it's finest. (I can compare most life situations to Harry Potter in some way or another.)

I can't express in words how much this woman does to make this holiday such a magical time in our lives, or how important it was to me that the boys had a chance to spend the holidays here at least once so that they too could experiences that magic. There are no words. Luckily, I can show it! When you hear "Deck the Halls" on the radio, I swear to you that it is my Grandmama they speak of and strive to emulate. Goodness knows that I hope, one day, to be able to proudly show off my 15 trees to anyone who wants to see them.

I love this tri-based tree! Grandmama has done a theme, with each tree representing one of the three: Land, water, and sky. She's had two of these adorable hedgehog ornaments for years. I have two of my own too, and they are some of my favorites!

It's very appropriate to have a food tree in the kitchen, don't you think?

 This live tree decorates teh kitchen year round, but at Christmas time it has "lights", ornaments and "snow".

Such a delightful centerpiece, and it's quite easy to peer through the branches to talk to someone sitting across from you. :)

Not everyone has a dainty, white feather tree in their large picture window. And if they do, it probably doesn't look this good!

One of the frog/toad trees, complete with a spectacular Father Christmas Frog tree topper! Even the little frog beneath it can not help but stare in wonder and admiration. 

 I have never thought that puffer fish were that cute, but OMGoodness, I am head over heels for this little guy!

And, in case you run out of room on the floor, a Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling is always a fun, festive option! 

Especially when it is hanging opposite the moon, which is on of my favorite ornaments of all time! 

This is the frog tree in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. There is a full sized Christmas tree in the bathroom, and it is soooo much fun to bathe by Christmas tree light! 

 We were all worried about broken ornaments this year with two little boys running around, but the only person who has broken anything so far *knock on wood* is me.  I broke the twin of this little frog above while getting ready one day, and was in tears about it, which I am sure Grandmama found quite amusing since she assures me that she has a box of these somewhere. 

Even the antlers are donned in festive baubles! 

(Edited to add that I realized, after editing and posting all these pictures, that I have failed to photograph the tree on top of the refrigerator and the one in our bedroom. I will have to make a mental note to get those trees properly documented as well, but take my word for it that they are just as amazing as the others!)

I hope that you are finding your Christmas/holidays as magical as we are finding ours! I just love this time of year!


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