Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Many Christmas Adventures of Luke Jeremiah the 2013 Edition: Part Three!

I feel so guilty now that I ever thought of our Luke as "creepy". He has quickly become one of my favorite holiday traditions, and I love watching the boys tearing around the house every morning trying to find what Luke did. Some days it is very easy to find him and some days they have to search, but every day it is a blast! I hope it is one of those things that, even when they are way too old for it, they will always enjoy doing. (Even if they try to be cool teenagers and act like they don't care at all.)

Night Fifteen: Okay, so I admit, some nights Luke and I conspire to do something fun and unique, and some nights I have been known to search the interwebs frantically for an idea about 10 minutes after I should have been in bed. Night fifteen though was 100% ours, and I would be willing to bet a couple dozen batches of Christmas cookies that no one else has ever had a Scottish, bagpipe playing elf, complete with his own kilt and hat. If you have had a Scottish, bagpipe playing elf, complete with kilt and hat, we need to meet. You will be my best friend. I know it.

Night Sixteen: A true Christmas elf can't just wear red all the time. He needs a little green to liven up his gay apparel. These shoes are Sebastian's favorite, (he tried to sleep in the the first week after we bought them) and apparently Luke is quite fond of them too.

Night Seventeen: There is a Grinch on the loose, and he's caught our dear Luke! He still looks quite chipper in there. Possibly because he had faith that he would be rescued by someone who loved him. :)

Night Eighteen: Poor Luke hasn't had much luck with his freedom the last two nights. He gets out of the Grinch's Jail only to be caught by Grandmama's giant, wooden hand. Poor, poor Luke. Still, true to his usual, cheery self, Luke doesn't look at all ruffled by the experience. (By the way, that book, Bloom, read it! It's an amazing book by an amazing blogger, Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things, which is probably my favorite blog of all time!)

Night Nineteen: I don't understand the mustache crazy at all, though Sebastian does have a very cute shirt with a Christmas tree made out of different types of mustaches, but I think Luke gets it. Even if he doesn't, he decided to join in, and took some pictures of family littles into the crazy with him. I think the family looks good in mustaches. :)

Night Twenty: Wheeeeee! Just because it's cold and bitter outside doesn't mean we can't have some fun! Especially if you happen to be a little elf who can rig up a swing out of colorful, Christmas twine and a wooden spool!

Night Twenty-One: Though the boys and I spent the night away from the house, Luke was still on the loose! We were happy to find that he hadn't been idol while we were away, apparently taking up Frog Riding over night. I wonder if it is similar to Bull Riding. Frogs seem that they would be more "hoppy". :)

I am very sad to think that this is our second to last post about Luke this season. It seems to be going by very quickly this year. *sniff* My little elf friend and I have a pact to make this last week or so a great one! I hope you enjoy!


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