Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tis' The Season

Tis the season, indeed. The season for ornaments, flashing lights, Christmas music, and (apparently) creepy, dancing Santas strategically placed right next to the door at Lowes where you can't really avoid the things. I adore the holidays! Everything about them, but this Santa gives me the heebie jeebies. 

Of course, my oldest thinks he's just the bee's knees, even though I think he's just a tad wary of him too. (Based on how he runs a few steps away, with a hop skip, before he will dance with him.)

But, dance with him he does, and today we got pictures of it! And, as creepy as the giant, wiggling, singing Santa Clause is, (and who in the world would pay $130 for this thing?) he certainly brings out some impressive moves in my happy-go-lucky four and a half year old!

My two year old is not a fan of getting close to the Demon Santa. He will laugh and smile from afar, and by afar I mean half way down the isle at Lowes, but there was no way he was walking up to that thing like his braver older brother.

He observed the whole event with a quiet caution for quite awhile. (We loitered in Lowes for some time getting pictures with this thing. I guess it isn't really loitering, since Grandpapa was there to actually buy something, but I was waiting for some blue-vested Lowes employee to stalk up to Grandmama and I with a gruff "You need to either buy this thing or move on, Ladies!") Finally, he seemed to decide that it couldn't actually walk over to get him, so that it might be safe to dance after all...at a distance.

"Oh no! She caught me dancing! I wonder if that camera is on? Who am I kidding? It's always on!"

Tis' the season friends! For lights, music, Christmas trees...and creepy Demon Santas that dance with my boys in Lowes!


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