Thursday, November 21, 2013

A New Pet

We have a new pet. Grandpapa and Parker found it lost and alone on their property, and Parker brought it to me with pleading eyes. I figured that it's small enough, and so cute and fluffy...And besides, Parker had a great name picked out already. :)

Meet Frisbee, the Wooly Worm!

After playing with him for a bit, an old peanut butter jar with holes already punched into it for little creature breathing was found, and after filling it with leaves, bark, and a nice climbing stick, Frisbee was relocated into his new home. 

He seemed happy enough, and the boys were thrilled with him, but I welcomed him with a little more anxiety. After all, as much fun as a fuzzy little wooly worm can be, when ol' Frisbee decided to kick the bucket it would be Mommy who had to pick up the pieces of little broken hearts. I willed the fuzzy wooly worm to live, and live for a long time, while only expecting a few days of joy from him before it would be time to officiate a little wooly funeral. 

We found Frisbee two days before our first snow of the season, which was, perhaps, very lucky for him. The snow fell ten days ago, and in case you were wondering, that means that Frisbee has been a part of our family for twelve days now! He's a very beloved part of the family at this point, even having houses built for him out of waffle blocks, and Sebastian will carry him around the house while I am doing school work with Parker, talking to him about who knows what. What might interest a wooly worm? It doesn't matter, I suppose. Sebastian is happy, and as long as we keep giving him fresh leaves, and his jar isn't dropped on the floor too often, I figure Frisbee is pretty happy too. (Before PETA contacts me with angry letters, Frisbee's jar has never been dropped on the floor...*knock on wood*)

Now, of course, since the boys are so madly in love, I am desperately searching the internet for tips on how to keep wooly worms alive in captivity! There is actually a lot of information out there, which I found exciting. 

I love watching them learn and experience all the wonders of an Ohio Autumn, of which "wooly worms" are apart of. I'm actually kind of hoping that we can raise our little wooly worm into a mother, and though it might seem very silly to some people, I am very thankful for this experience with my boys...Or I will be until Frisbee goes belly up on us, which should be soon now that I have written about how thankful I am for the silly little thing. :)


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