Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let It Snow!

It snowed! I am more excited then your typical almost 30 year old woman probably should be about snow, but there you have it! It snowed, it stuck, and I am pretty much giddy about it! 

It started snowing last night, which for most native Ohioans is the cue to lock themselves inside a well heated house with a large mug of hot chocolate and a good book or movie. For my grandmother and me, it is the cue to run, barefoot, onto the freezing cold wood of the back porch to snap the first Wintery pictures of the season.

I've decided that I need some thick, fluffy socks, ASAP.

I went to bed happy and excited, anticipating the joy of my boys in the morning, and hoping and praying that the snow wouldn't melt too early for us to get our hands on it!

I was not disappointed! I woke to the sound of my oldest crying out "Mommy! Mommy! It snowed! Winter is here!" and his younger brother quickly pulled back the blinds with a triumphant yell of "Snow!" though I am not sure that he knew what he was so excited about. Just that big brother was over the moon about something was enough.

They were quickly bundled up in as many layers as I could manage to put two wiggling, excited children into, including fleece lined jeans. (Which are the best thing ever!) Then we took them outside, (thank goodness I bought their snow boots yesterday, and also a nice, thick Winter jacket to replace mine, which is probably still sitting where I left it in Idaho.) where Mommy made them pose for a few pictures before setting them lose into the world of white!

 See that face? That "Mommy, please, please, please let me go play in the snow now!" face? I did let him go after this picture. Anything less would have been considered the worst kind of abuse. :)

He was willing to pose, but he'd also already had a chance to flop down in the snow while I took pictures of Big Brother.

This looks good!

Just a taste!


As a matter of fact, it was so yummy that he then threw himself down, face first, to eat some more. Yes, that is exactly what is going on here. He didn't fall or anything. He just wanted to gobble down some of the white stuff!

No worries about the snow melting today. It's one of those beautiful, sunny days that, from inside the safe confines of a toasty house, looks almost warm and inviting. Then you walk outside and realize that you are going to freeze if you spend more then 5 minutes out here, and wonder how in the world your children aren't turning into giant snowballs.

They came inside finally, pink, panting, and soaked. It was a good day, in my favorite place on Earth, with some of my favorite people. Could this be a prelude to what we might be able to expect during a Colorado Winter? I hope so. I have missed snow. (We just don't get much of this in Mountain Home, and I miss making snowmen taller then 6 inches.) I am happy.

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