Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Many Christmas Adventures of Luke Jeremiah the Elf: Part Five. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday. I am sure that I will post pictures of the beautiful chaos that is Christmas Morning/Day later, but now it is time to post our last Luke Jeremiah post of the season. He hung around today, wishing to observe the joy of the holiday that he worked to hard to prepare for with us, but tomorrow morning he will be gone, leaving a note filled with professed love and promises to see them next year for the boys. 

I predict tears. Heck, I'm getting a little weepy just thinking about it. I know that I jumped into this whole Elf of the Shelf thing with a lot of reservations. I didn't know how we would balance the elf with our own beliefs and making sure that the boys didn't lose the true meaning of the season for our family. I think that we did a good job, and I hope that another family out there might see that it is possible to have an Elf on the Shelf there right next to your nativity. :)

Here we go! The last of Luke's amazing activities of the season.

Night Twenty-Two: Luke settled down this night with a plastic candy cane full of "Magic Seeds" and a letter instructing the boys to plant them in two cups of equal parts sugar and cinnamon. This one, I am proud to say, was mostly Daddy. I asked him to come up with something cute and magic that an elf could grow, and he marched into the living room proudly showing me his colorful "seeds" and equally colorful candy to go with them. I'm so happy we did this this year, if for no other reason than Michael and I are having a blast coming up with things for Luke to do! 

I was worried that the seeds and note might be slightly boring for the boys after so many mornings of excitement, but they were pumped to plant their seeds, and went to bed talking about what might grow from them!

Night Twenty-Three: We have candy canes! Our incredibly colorful seeds (which were quite yummy to eat on their own, I should mention) grew into incredibly colorful candy canes over night, with the help of a little elf magic. The boys were thrilled, and very sticky. Still, how often do you get to have candy canes for breakfast, right? It's not like this one time will cause their teeth to rot out. (Especially after the teeth brushing I gave them right afterwords.) 

Night Twenty-Four: Luke locked us out of our living room! Okay, maybe we weren't really locked out, but he tied it off with crepe paper after everyone went to bed last night. Not only did it look incredibly festive, but it was so much fun for little boys to burst through in the morning!

Night Twenty-Five: This is probably the naughtiest our little elf has been yet, and it got him a nice long lecture from Parker (and Daddy), about why we don't point our bow and arrows at the television! As fun as pretending to be Merida is, I don't think he'll be trying anything like this again for a long time!

Night Twenty-Six: Only four more days until Christmas! While that is very exciting, almost as exciting as waking up to find colorful Hershey Kisses covering the furniture in our living room, it also means only four more nights before Luke has to go away again. :( It's bitter sweet. (Actually, it's delicious milk chocolate!)

Night Twenty-Seven: Oh, the fun that our toys have at night while we sleep! We woke the next morning to find an exciting race going on on our living room floor while the members of our nativity watched and cheered! (Mommy and Daddy had  lot of fun with this one too!) In case you are wondering, Luke won. He's awesome like that!

Night Twenty-Eight: The force is strong with this one! Who would have thought that, in just twenty-right nights in our home, he would have become so skilled with a light saber. I suppose that Parker has been giving them lessons, though I haven't caught them at it. I don't think that Luke even needed the help of his friends, Chewy and 3CPO. He's got this!

Night Twenty-Nine: So, we were kind of boring. Twenty-nine days of fun, creative elf mischief can leave a person feeling a little lacking at the end. However, I think Luke looked enchanting all curled up in Parker's stocking with his arms around a shimmering ornament! I think he's ready for Christmas! 

Night Thirty: Christmas Eve night! This night, Luke didn't wait until we were all in bed. Instead, he worked his magic while the boys were taking their bath. Presents were left under the tree with a suspicious jingling noise that brought the boys tearing out of the bathroom, convinced that some magic was afoot! They were right. Luke sat there, surrounded by their Christmas Eve gifts of new PJs and this year's copy of The Night Before Christmas. We changed into out jammies and read our book before bundling up into the car and driving around to look at Christmas lights until our two littles fell asleep. Luke, job done for this year, snuggled comfortably in the tree. A good place to perch and wait for the glee of Christmas morning! It was a magical day, and Luke added a magical part to our holiday season this year. He's gone now, bags packed, a note left, and we will miss him. I can't wait until he comes back next year!

Merry Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas, Luke, and all the happy elves out there that added a little more magic to this Christmas season!


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