Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Many Christmas Adventures of Luke Jeremiah the Elf: Part Three

The presence of Luke Jeremiah, though it was long agonized over and worried about by yours truly, has been a much welcome addition, and is oh so much fun! Our first full week was a blast. Even Michael is getting into the spirit of things, often coming up with ideas that are much more elaborate than we...I mean "Luke"...could pull off with short notice in one night. We also have more ideas than we could possibly do in one year, which is a good thing, except that it leaves me wishing for more days. Maybe Luke can show up earlier next season. :0)

Luke Jeremiah has informed me that he has this week completely planned out already, which is really exciting. It means that there will be no late nights trying to brainstorm, which I appreciate since I seem to be battling a small chest cold this week. Luke is nothing if not considerate. 

Night Eight: What is life without a little risk? Turns out, Luke Jeremiah is a bit of a daredevil. He likes to live on the wild side. Tonight he decided he would like to zip line across the living room, traveling back and forth between the tree and our bookshelves. It's not the kind of thing I would do, but I figured he would be pretty safe if he fell, what with his body being felt and everything, so I told him to have a great time. Not only did Luke have a blast (doesn't he look happy?), but the boys were both giddy about it in the morning. Parker couldn't stop laughing, and Sebastian danced around underneath pointing at his little friend and yelling happily. Dangerous, yes, but it was popular. Some people will do anything for a reaction. 

Night Nine: Decorating in a house with two small boys can be a slow process. There was a time that I could pull out all our decorations and have them put up in a day, but those days are many years past now, and will not likely return until the boys are in college. :0) Luke Jeremiah obviously thinks I am slow, or perhaps just wanted to add his own twist to it, because he took it upon himself to make some snowflake cut outs tonight. I suppose it could also have been our complete lack of snow out here making the poor little guy homesick, but his creativity just happened to come on the very same day that our Advent Calendar has us making our own paper snowflakes to hang up. Coincidence, or elf magic?

Night Ten: Apparently, flying across a zip line through the living room was only the tip of the ice burg for our little daredevil elf. Tonight, Luke Jeremiah decided that he would like to try his hand at bungee jumping from the ceiling fan using nothing but a lime green Slinky and a prayer. He didn't even use a safety net. You wouldn't catch me being so restless, but I was again reminded that he would probably be alright if he fell, owing to the general feltness of his make up. Besides, I figured it would be a popular stunt with the boys. I wasn't wrong. After all, when you are three and one, what could be cooler than an elf bungee jumping off your living room ceiling fan? That's right. Nothing. 

Night Eleven: I guess I should have figured that elves knew how to fly. What I didn't know was that they knew how to fly helicopters. Apparently, Luke Jeremiah is also a pilot, and he decided that he wanted to take Parker's firefighter helicopter for a spin tonight. Mommy and Daddy had one heck of a time trying to rig up this particular set up, and Luke fell on his head more than once, but in the end it turned out great and was a huge hit with the boys in the morning. (Some support lines may or may not have been edited out of this photograph. Maybe. Maybe not. After all, this is elf magic.)

Night Twelve: Apparently after all those nights of daredevilry, Luke was looking forward to a night of relaxation with friends. He, along with some other favorite stuffed members of our family, decided to have a rousing game of Match under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. Judging by that impressive stack of matches next to him, our little elf isn't too shabby a matcher.

Night Thirteen: Luke, presumably feeling homesick for a place with large hills and frequent powdery dustings, wanted to go sledding tonight. Due to our general lack of snow, Luke had to get creative and make due with what we had around the house. Apparently, a nice soft blanket and a stacking toy make a passable hill and sled. You can tell how often we have the occasion to sled around here, as Parker had to ask what in the world he was doing. Once understood, it was a very popular idea, one that I hope we get to try ourselves this year.

Night Fourteen: Inspired, perhaps, by our little resident elf, the skies over Idaho decided to let loose with some actual snow tonight. It was even enough to stick a bit, which was fun to experience, even if it isn't fun to drive in. Taking what might possibly be our only chance of the season to do so, Luke decided that the time was ripe to make a snowman, and I quite agreed. This is Idaho though, and there is no assurance that the snowman would survive until morning outside, so Luke and I decided that it would be best if he built it on a plate in the freezer. Oh yes. We now have a resident elf and a Freezer Snowman. That's how we roll in the Gordon house.


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