Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Many Christmas Adventures of Luke Jeremiah the Elf: Part Two

As worried as I was to begin this, I have to admit that I am having a lot of fun with our elf, Luke. The boys are having fun too. Parker eagerly asks me every morning if we can go find where Luke is, and when we find him Sebastian usually carries him around for a bit babbling away to his new little friend. I am having a blast coming up with new, fun things to do every night, and I think I might have more ideas than I can actually manage in one short holiday season. Good thing we plan on making this a tradition. 

Here are our first days of Elf on a Shelf. I'm looking forward to what these 30 days will hold for us. Parker is already worried about when Luke has to leave us, though I assure him that he will be back next year. I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye though. 

Night One: Our then unnamed elf arrived with a book (that Mommy altered slightly to fit how we celebrate Christmas) and snuggled into the tree to wait to meet the boys in the morning, holding onto a letter he wrote just for them.

Night Two: Having been christened Luke Jeremiah, our resident elf got to work. He showed his artistic talents, drawing a Christmas tree for the boys on their canvas chalk board. Delighted, Parker announced to everyone "Mommy, you were right! He is magic!", which made me more happy than I could possibly express. (This was after informing me the day before that he thought his elf was really neat, but not magic.)

Night Three: Apparently, Luke is not only artistic, but skilled in construction. He waited until the boys were in bed and then built this impressive block pyramid for them to find in the morning. Parker was thrilled that Luke had built him a special tower. 

Night Four: Despite my better judgement, Luke decided he was going to toilet paper the Christmas tree tonight. I was worried that this might start a theme in our home of decorating the tree with random items ("Mommy, look! I put my underwear on the tree!"), but Daddy was on Luke's side and said we would just have to tell them it was a "special Elf thing". Apparently, despite my misgivings, that explanation has worked thus far. At least, I haven't found any underwear or dirty socks on the tree.

Night Five: Luke went finshing for goldfish, complete with his own arc...I mean "fishing boat". I personally thought it was a little unsporting of him, fishing the poor goldfish in a barrel, but he threw his game back. I can't say the same for the boys, who gobbled them up with much joy when they found them the next morning. Parker was also delighted with Luke's little fishing pole and carried it around for several days after.

Night Six: As the next morning was December 1st, Luke used his sixth night to hang up our brand new Advent Calendar. (I will have to post a Pin A Week blog to show how I made it soon.) I think the Advant Calendar is going to be pretty popular in our house, since it has something new we have to do as a family on it every day leading up to Christmas. For example, the first day we popped popcorn and watched a Christmas Movie (The Christmas Toy, which is one of my favorites!). I think it will be almost as popular a Christmas tradition as Luke is becoming!

Night Seven: Tonight our cheery little Elf decided to turn the boys milk red. I think, perhaps, it could have been redder had he used a half gallon instead of a full gallon, but still...pink milk is kind of cool too. At least, it was to Parker, who was practically giddy the next morning, even after I explained that pink didn't mean it was going to taste like strawberries. It might just be the most popular thing Luke has done yet.


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gransonfamily said...

That is great!! You are creating so many great memories for your boys! :)