Saturday, December 1, 2012


And it was hard! Some days I didn't meet my planned word count, some days I exceeded it, some days I had complete writers block and drove my husband crazy bemoaning my complete and total ignorance and inability to finish even this simple task. But here we are, the end of 30 long days, and I am an official NaNoWriMo Winner!

I even have proof!

See that? Only winners get that! Apparently I can even buy a shirt. I just might do that. You never know. 

I came in at 50,207 words. My novel isn't done yet. In fact, I am at a very detailed and exciting part of the story. I wrote 50,207 words in 30 days though, and I am pretty proud of that fact. It is raw, unedited, probably filled with misspellings and incorrect punctuation, but I have 50,207 words of a novel written. I did that! (A ton of other people did too, but I am tooting my own horn right now. Sorry.) 

It's a raw and imperfect little thing, my new novel, but I am proud of it. I might even finish it one day and let someone other than myself read it. Who knows? Right now I am just happy that I did it and completed this thing that I started out to do back on November 1st. 

I look forward to next year.


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