Monday, May 21, 2012

A Pin A Week: Portable Sand Table

I really loved my sand box when I was little. I mean really loved it. Because of that, I would really love for the boys to have a sand box they can play in too, but it's just not something we can do right now. Living in base housing, you have to be really conscience of things like killing the grass in a spot where your sand box is sitting. They tend to frown on large patches of dead grass. Go figure. I still want to do one. I saw a great idea on Pinterest of one with wheels! 

Until then though, I wanted to have something that Parker could enjoy this Summer. (Sebastian might enjoy it too, if he likes the taste of sand.) So, I decided to make him a portable sand box. One of the things I love about this is that he'll be able to play with it anywhere, even inside at the kitchen table if we have a cold or rainy day.

I hope to make him a little table that it can sit in later on in the Summer so that he doesn't always have to be sitting on the ground to play with it, but for now this seems to work. It's a huge hit as it is. 

It was really simple too. I bought a storage container, a bag of play sand, and some sand toys. Bam, boom, you have a portable sand table!

Like I said, big hit. A little stand or table for it would be nice, but he's not complaining right now. I'm pretty proud of it. :0)

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