Monday, January 2, 2012

Show Off Your Shot: First Food

This week's Show Off Your Shot is actually from earlier today. Mommy got to try out her skills at making home made baby food (brown rice), and Sebastian got to be my guinea pig lucky taster!

He seemed enthusiastic about it...even if he does look a little, er, alarmed?

Ah, he's getting so big so fast! He'll be off to college next week!

and then, she {snapped}

If you too want to "show off", come join in!



Jenni C's said...

love his expression on his face..!!

Em S said...

Great shot! He is a cutie!

Emma said...

He is adorable!!! He sure looks excited to be trying food :)

rachel said...

SOooo cute! and I know what you mean about them being off to college soon. They do grow so fast, enjoy it! I do! Thank you for showing off your shot!