Friday, June 10, 2011

Pregnancy Brain?

Yes, let's blame it on that. Apparently pregnancy has taken over my brain and started to live my life for me. I went through all day today thinking it was Wednesday and trying to figure out what pictures I should use for my wordless Wednesday post, only to realize around 8pm that it was in fact Thursday and I had completely missed Wednesday this week.

And yesterday I completely snapped the head off another mother because I thought she was going to come over to defend her kid (who was messing with Parker at the pool) when in fact she was one of teh few months who was actually coming over to step in and parent. (I did beg forgiveness, but I am not one to go psycho pregnant b!tch on a person like that either. Very odd.)

I am writing this post from my brand new laptop, an anniversary gift from my deployed hubby who ordered it and sent it to me as a surprise while he was gone. It is amazing!!! I love him all the time, but now I really have to brag on him! lol! My old laptop, which I still love too, is ancient in computer terms. (Over 4 years old.) It is also just not cutting it in the memory department anymore with as many pictures as I take, the screen is starting to go, (parts of it will just disappear at various times) and the hinges are so busted that the screen part of the laptop doesn't actually sit up how it is supposed to anymore and needs to be propped up. I can also only get about 10 minutes of computer time with it unplugged before it dies, making it not so portable anymore. Because of all this, we'd been talking about getting me another one, but not as a gift, and not as nice as this one!
They keys light up purple! It's red on the outside! The screen doesn't need to be duct taped up to stay open! And the best part? A personalized plate on the bottom with an engraved message to me from my hubby! Yes, I cried. A lot. Like I said, I always love him, but he still has this way of doing things that make me stop and say "Wow, I really have an amazing husband!" And no, they aren't all things that involve a new computer, that's just what he did this time. lol! I'm not that spoiled. 

I have pictures to post too, since I was 31 weeks yesterday, but these things will have to wait. As it is I am up WAY too late, and I have a lot to do in the next couple of days. I've been a day behind all week, so it should stand to reason I'll keep up the trend into the weekend!


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