Saturday, June 4, 2011

Conversations With A Toddler

Every day is filled with fun things when you are the mother of a toddler. Things you swear up and down that you would never, could never, forget. Unfortunately, often times we do forget unless we have the foresight, and time, to jot them down to reflect upon later. One day I will look back on this particular chat, go "I'd forgotten about that!", and laugh. I am sure I'll need it at some point, and here it will be. As a bonus, you get to enjoy it too. Lucky you. :0)

"Mama, food and chocolate milk?" He's had a busy morning, and it is indeed after our usual lunch time. I was getting hungry too.

"You want lunch?" An unnecessary question, as he is his father's son, but I like our little conversations.

"Yeah." This with much head nodding and a happy smile. Apparently, Mommy isn't an idiot after all.

"Do you want a sandwich?" They are his favorite right now...any kind of sandwich, but it's what he asks for whenever I ask him what he wants to eat.

"Yeah." More happy smiling and nodding. Mommy catches on quickly. Parker is pleased.

"Peanut butter and jelly?" I asked this with half a thought. It's really all we have to make a sandwich out of in the house right now, and he always says yes to this inquiry anyways.

"No." Uh oh. Did he say no?

"What do you want to eat then?" Asked cautiously now. After all, if he requests rooster phesant or something I'm in some hot water.

"Hmmmmm....Chocolate milk." Whew. At least he didn't want the rooster!

"Honey, chocolate milk is something you drink. Food is what you eat. What do you want to eat? A sandwich?" At this point sometimes he will get very stubborn and do nothing but repeat his request for chocolate milk until I comply, which can be a real battle.

"Yeah!" Oh good!

"Peanut butter and jelly?" Please? Maybe this time?

"No." Darn.

"What kind of sandwich then?" Please not the rooster! Please not the rooster! Please oh please oh please!

"Hmmmmm.....Brown." ??

"Brown? You want a brown sandwich?" Maybe I misheard him, though he is pretty articulate with his colors.

"Yeah, Mama! Brown and chocolate milk!" His grin is huge now! Mommy isn't stupid! Sure, it takes awhile and he has to be patient with me, but eventually I get it. He is proud of me, I can tell.

I made him peanut butter and jelly. On wheat bread. Wheat bread is brown. Peanut butter is brown. He is eating happily, so I must have done well. 


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