Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Gender Prediction Project: Entry 3

Time for another fun installment of the Gender Prediction Project, brought to you by the color yellow and the number 4. :0) I'm having a lot of fun with this little experiment of mine. Looking up various methods of gender prediction has certainly given me a plethora of material to work with, not to mention several great laughs! I still haven't gotten adventurous enough yet to pee on anything, but maybe next time. :0)

 So, without any further introduction, lets get started on this editions gender predictions! (If you are keeping count, our score so far is 4 predictions for a boy and 2 for a little girl! (With one, the heart rate prediction method, that could be either or at this point.) Of course, of those 3 were incorrect with my son, 2 were correct, and the others were not applicable with my son. So we shall see. :0)
Family History
Apparently you can figure out the sex of your children based on what your mother had and in what order. If you are the first born, the story goes, you will have what your mother had but starting with her second child.  If you are the middle child, you will have what she said, but starting with the third child and if you are the last child, you will have what your mother had in the exact order. For example, in my case I am the oldest of my mother's 3 live births and after me she had a son and then another daughter. According to this I would have a son first, then 2 daughters...if I chose to have exactly 3 children. I have no idea how this works with a person with more than 3 children or if your mother had multiple miscarriages as mine did, but if you take this at surface value, it was correct with my son
It is also predicting a girl this time around, and next time if it is to be believed, but I am pretty sure we can put this in the bin with the least likely of our old wive's tales. After all, it is generally accepted that the gender of your baby comes from the father's genes, making what your mother had and in what order a completely non-valid point in gender determination. Still, it is fun to add to the list, and also to torture my younger brother with the thought of two daughters before he has any chance at a boy. :0)
Necklace Over Your Palm
  Apparently, if you hold a necklace over your hand it will tell you not only what the gender of the child you are carrying is, but the gender of all your children in the exact order you will have them. As with The Ring Test if the necklace swings back and forth you're predicted a boy and if it moves in a circle it’s a girl. The necklace doesn't have to be stopped between "predictions". It will simply do one thing for a period of time, stop its self, and then start up again. You can do it as long as you would like to see what the order of your own little litter will be no matter if you choose to have 2 or 20! I have heard people swear up and down that this test is 100% right for everyone they have ever done it for. Of course, at 100% accuracy, I had to try, right? 

Well, it looks like I became a statistic. This was correct with my son as it started swinging back and forth almost right away. It then seemed to stop before it started moving in a gentle circular motion, predicting a girl for us this time around. (If you were wondering, it then predicted another boy, another boy, and a girl before I decided that enough was enough and put my necklace back on my neck.) 

Morning Sickness

This one is very easy. If you have little or no morning sickness you are blessed. ;0) You are also predicted a son. If the toilet has suddenly become your new place of residence, you can expect a daughter. Were this true, I would spend m nights praying for all boys, and I don't think I'd be alone in that prayer. As it is, this was very incorrect with my son, who had me making frequent trips to the nearest bathroom up until I was about 20 weeks along. 

This time I am predicted a daughter, as I've again spent quite a large amount of time visiting various bathrooms both at home and in public. My morning sickness does seem to be more severe this time around though, if that means anything. Maybe for me the more severe the more chance of a girl...or maybe just a more vocal little boy. :0)

Cold Feet

If you're already pregnant it might seem a little late in the game to have cold feet, but if you are hoping for a specific gender a little extra chill in your toes might be a good thing! According to the old wives, if you're feeling the need for extra socks this pregnancy you can expect a son soon. If you don't notice any temperature difference in your little piggies, use the extra money you're saving on socks to go out and buy some girl clothes!

There was no noticeable chill in my feet during my first pregnancy, making this incorrect with my son. I am generally a very warm blooded person though, so I didn't find it odd. (I am that girl wearing flip flops in December as long as there isn't snow on the ground!) This time around though my toes have been little ice cubes. I've seriously looked down to see my toes and feet changing to a chilly looking purpilish blue color instead of their usual healthy pink. According to this, I a predicted a boy again this time...if I ignore that this was wrong with my son. :0)

That's all for now, but remember to send me some ideas if you know of any fun prediction methods I can use! I'm having a lot of fun sharing these with everyone!


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