Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting In On The Ground Floor: Mama Monday

So, to start my comeback to blogging I am adding yet another weekly meme to my rotation. Mama Monday over at Toddler Awesome is a great chance to not only tell people a little about yourself, but to meet other blogging mommies! This is week one of Mama Monday, and I'm excited to start!

Every week you get not only a "theme" of questions to answer, but a weekly "task" for you to do, just for yourself! It's like homework, but it's a good thing. ;0) This weeks theme is all about not only us as Mamas, but our hubby/other halves too! (In honor of Valentine's Day!) Here's how you play:

1.  Introduce yourself!
2.  How did you meet your other half?
3.  How long were you together before you had the baby talk?

1. My name is Holly. I am 27 years old and the proud wife of an amazing husband. We've been married almost 6 years and together for just over 9! I am also blessed and honored to be the awed mommy of an almost 2 year old little man and a second little blessing due in August of 2011! 
2.  I trained him on the register at Wendy's when I was 16 and he was 19! lol! He said I hovered. I thought his freckles were cute and that he was funny. We didn't become a couple for almost 2 years. He was just my best friend. 

3.  We started talking about families sometime around our 3rd date and had our first boy and girl names picked out by that night! We haven't stopped talking since. When we found out about my medical issues and that I might not be able to have children, I told him I would understand if he would prefer not to get married. He told me I was being stupid, and that was that. We have now been blessed twice! God is great!


This week, take time out to have a PROPER, UNINTERRUPTED luxury bath!  By luxury bath I mean use your BEST bubble bath, bath bombs etc.... light some candles, get a glass of wine (or fancy juice!), some chocolate or your favorite treat and a book/ magazine!
Come join in!



Emma said...

Thank You for joining in my meme :D You guys talked about babys really early! Congrats on your babies :)

Kim said...

newest follower from mama monday!! your bubba bear is adorable!