Thursday, November 18, 2010

Potty Time

That's right, my "baby" is potty training. We've been doing it for several months now, ever since he turned one and started showing interest, but it's kicked into high gear lately! We started ECing at home, with the exception of bed and nap times. He was doing very good using his training potty, and then a little over a week ago he just stopped. He didn't want anything to do with it. He would scream when we put him on it. I didn't know what was going on!

He was very obvious about having to go. He would cry and touch his private area (pull on it hard is more accurate) and would walk around saying "Potty! Potty! Potty!", but every time we had him sit down he would scream harder and kick until we just let him up. Eventually he wouldn't be able to hold it anymore and would start going on the floor, which upset him even more. He is very smart and gets very upset any time he accidentally goes a little on the floor. (He will cry and point to it until we get it cleaned up. I think my baby has some mild OCD.) We would grab him and plop him onto his potty where he would then finish, because he couldn't stop at that point, but he still seemed very upset. I had never experienced this before in "potty learning", so I was at a complete loss, and scared to death that he was actually regressing in his progress.

Finally one evening earlier in the week, after he had done this about 3 times, hubby asked him if he wanted to use the big potty. We had tried this before, but he seemed scared of it so we had abandoned that for his training potty. Still, it seemed worth a try, though I had no real hopes for it working. A few moments after my boys were out of sight though, my husband started hollering "Mommy! He's doing it! He's doing it!" down the hall. Sure enough, he was going pee in the big potty. Not only was he peeing in the big potty, but he was doing it standing up! That's my son, just skipping over all the little baby steps and headed right into the big boy class!

Since then we haven't had one potty accident! He tells us when he has to go and we walk down our long hall where he lifts both lids, climbs up on his stool, and goes. He even shakes after he's done! (He's been watching Daddy very carefully in the potty lately.) Then we flush the potty and wave bye bye. I thought part of the reason it's so easy is because we are at home and he isn't wearing pants, but last night at our friend's house he told us he had to go and sure enough we got him in there and got his pants and diaper off and he went! I am so proud of him! I really think he's got it, at least when he is awake and at a home he is comfortable in. (We have not tried this in public yet, and I do not feel ready to go out with only underwear or pants on yet. I don't want to push him and have it all stop.)

He even tried to make it to the bathroom to go poop the other evening as I was making dinner. I couldn't get to him quickly enough and he had a mess on the floor right next to the potty, but he had tried, which is a big deal for me! He was very upset, but calmed down once I had cleaned it up and helped him sit on the potty in case he had to go anymore.

I am so excited! I love my fluff, but I am looking forward to a diaperless least for a little while. Hopefully we can wash and put our fluff up for our future little ones soon!


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KCB said...

I'm a little jealous! Maybe we should start soon too. :-)