Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane... just a few hours as a matter of fact.  I'm no calmer today than I was yesterday. I have yet to burst into tears though, so I guess I am ahead of the game. We've dropped Jake off at our friends house while we're gone.

Of course, I had everything planned out perfectly. Parker was going to get his bath and go to bed early since we'll be waking him up before 5am. Michael and I were going to shower and go to bed early as well so that we could be well rested for our trip instead of biting eachother's heads off.

Here we are right about the time I expected us both to be snuggling into bed, both us grown ups are yet un-showered, Parker would pick tonight to stay up until almost 10, the packing isn't done, the trash isn't out, I don't think I'm going to get the chance to sweep and mop like I wanted to, I haven't written out the instruction list for Shamrock and Tessa yet...Michael and Ivy are playing Army of 2, so I guess it will be 5 Hour Energy and coffee by the gallon tomorrow. That or we will just be running on pure adrenaline right up until we crash in bed tomorrow night. 

The next time I blog, it will be from OHIO! 

God bless and thank you for reading! 


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