Thursday, May 20, 2010

Never Enough Time

 There just isn't enough time.We've been in Ohio almost three weeks now, and even with every waking hour a busy one, we didn't have enough time. We didn't have the time we wanted with friends. We didn't get to go all the places we wanted to see. We didn't get to spend the time we needed to with family...
...and tomorrow we go back to Idaho.

It feels like only yesterday I was writing a blog about my fears of flying and how the next time I wrote I would be in Ohio. I didn't have time for most of our trip to even write a short one liner, but I had to get at least one blog in while listening to the sound of birds, where I can look out my window and see trees and all things beautiful.

It has been an amazing trip. I am sure that it will take several blogs to write about it fully, and even then I won't be able to express everything I would like to. I am not that good of an author, nor am I emotionally stable enough to be capable of putting a name to all the emotions I am feeling. Despite the fact that this has been an amazing 3 weeks, I have been filled with a measurable tint of sadness the whole time. Leaving tomorrow will be so much harder than it was the first time, because I know what is awaiting me on the other side of the trip. I have amazing friends and "framily" back in Idaho that I miss very much and who I can't wait to see, but the longing for Ohio that I know is waiting for me as well will not be so welcomed. On the flip side of that, things have changed, and in some cases, changed to a point where I will be happy to leave them behind. Memories can be much sweeter than the truth in some cases.

Tomorrow we get on a plane again...and I am just as scared this time around. Unlike other fears, that doesn't seem to be one that leaves me over time. I am praying we make it through safely and that we get to see our Framily back home...and I am praying that we get to make the return trip sooner rather than later. The next time I write, I will be back in Idaho. 

Thank you for reading and God Bless.



Blondie Inside said...

Glad you had a good time Holly! Have a safe trip back to Idaho!!!

~Danielle~ said...

Have a safe trip back Holly. I'll be praying for your nerves.