Monday, April 5, 2010

Last Of The "Firsts" or Hoppy Easter

Yesterday was Easter, which is also the last of Parker's "first" holidays. He just missed Easter last year (by 5 hours and 31 minutes) before making his entrance into the outside world. (I had the Easter basket in the car along with our hospital bag, just in case.)

Yesterday was also Parker's first time eating chocolate. I was originally going to wait until his birthday, but since Easter was so close to his big O-N-E, I decided that it would make sense for it to be the day of his first chocolate. (His birthday will be his first cake ever.) 

All his Easter loot didn't fit into his basket this year, despite the fact that it was a large basket. He had stuff, not only from Mommy and Daddy, but from Hootie and Grandpa back home in Ohio. It was a very good Easter haul, if I do say so myself, including 4 books, sunglasses, Easter Eggs, cars, bubbles, and a Easter Monkey names Socks. (Anyone can get a rabbit on Easter. Our son gets a monkey!)

He loved the chocolate. In fact, I think we might have created a monster! He didn't get much at all, but what he did have was quickly all over his face, hands and me. Poor Daddy was chasing him around with a wipe trying to clean him up as he was eating. Little tip for other parents, M&Ms really are the best type of chocolate candy to start with. Much less messy than the chocolate eggs we started with. 

Oh and BUBBLES!!! What an amazing thing! Parker was thrilled with them and didn't want Daddy to stop blowing. He clapped and giggled and tried over and over again to catch the bubbles in his hands! I have seen children with bubbles before, but there was something amazing about watching my son experience them for the first time. I believe strongly that it was the most amazing encounter a child has ever had with bubbles in their entire history...though I am biased...

Of course, this is me you are talking about, so I have hundreds of pictures! After all, each first only happens once, and I don't want to miss a moment if I can help it.

We even did an Easter egg hunt with our neighbors. Over 50 eggs were hidden between our two yards, and it went a lot better than I thought. Parker showed more interest than I had thought he would in finding eggs, pointing and happily announcing "Egg! Egg! Egg!" It was so neat, and made all the better by the fact that Michael was here to share the experience with us!

It was a wonderful day! We are so blessed in so many ways! Next is another great adventure...Parker's birthday and birthday party! 

I hope every one had as wonderful of an Easter as we did! 

God bless, and thank you for reading!


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