Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow Days...Light

The snow has been greatly appreciated around here. You would probably hear a very different story if you spoke to any other adult in a 50 mile radius, but my children have been in some kind of frozen Heaven, and I have enjoyed experiencing that with them. (Though I get cold much more quickly than I remember as a child.)

I have so many pictures, and I haven't gone through most of them yet. Michael is working nights this rotation though, so I am hoping I will have a chance to get through them all. (If Eleanor sleeps, which isn't looking promising at this point.) I wanted to share a few though. Even our old dog, Jake, has been in on the fun. You'd think he was a puppy again. Snow does that to him. Snow does that to me too! (I love snow, even if it wasn't quite Snowmageddon by my standards.)

Almost a foot of snow on the ground, and what does he do? Runs right out and flops down face first. I do believe he might be my son.

No mittens? That's okay. We have socks. (And three layers of everything else on too.)

"Mama! It's so yummy!"

Age is very clearly just a number with this guy! He just turned thirteen, but you'd never know it to look at him in the snow. He would have stayed out for hours after we were all spent if we'd let him. 

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