Tuesday, January 19, 2016


On Tuesdays Parker has his enrichment program up at HSA. Depending on Michael's schedule he will sometimes take him alone, or I will take him alone, or one of us will take him with just one of the other littles, but many times it's just me and my three until we drop Big Brother off to the very capable hands of his teacher. Then it is just me and them for the next seven hours or so, and I think they enjoy it almost as much as I do. 

We have a flexible routine. One that usually starts with coffee and breakfast at the Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble. It's not about the coffee or the breakfast, though they both love a slightly warmed blueberry muffin. Whether I am sitting at a little table with both of them or just one of them it has turned into a time for me to connect at learn more about My Middle and My Little. 

Bash absolutely adores his big brother. Parker has this cheery, shining, beautiful personality. It is who his is, and it is an amazing thing, but it's very easy for Bash to hide behind the protection of his brother's larger than life presence. He is often comfortable letting his brother decide for him and talk for him when they are together, even when he is around us, but not on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays he is all mine, and this big, beautiful, shining personality that is all his own breaks through. 

And Eleanor...Oh my, Eleanor! She is tiny, but with a personality as large as either of her brothers. Not to even begin to mention how much she adores them. I will often sit there, sipping on my coffee, watching Bash and Eleanor interact. He speaks to her in a sweet, sing songing voice as he feeds her small pieces of muffin, and she babbles back at him with secrets that I can't quite understand, but can sense their importance. 

It's not about the coffee.

Some Tuesdays we flip through books and play on the train table. They dance on the stage in the Children's area and I clap for their performances. Some Tuesdays we go to Once Upon A Child to see what deals we can find. Some Tuesdays, when it is warm enough, we find a park and swing to the clouds. I love Tuesdays.

Today we went home after getting our coffee. It was cold and snowy and I just wanted to be home with them. We played together in our own space, and were able to spend time with Daddy when he was able to come home for lunch. We had an indoor picnic, all snuggled together, and then something rare happened. I looked over to see not only My Little fast asleep against me, but My Middle curled up and dreaming too. I was able to curl up next to them and watch them both sleep. Instead of the hustle and bustle that we often enjoy on a Tuesday, I enjoyed the quiet sound of them breathing together as they slept in the warmth of my bed as the bitter wind beat against the windows from outside. 

It was heavenly. 

I woke them only when it was time to go pick up their brother, which is always a magical part of the day in its self. Eleanor watches intently until children start pouring out. Then her face breaks into a beautiful grin, and she points and yells "There!" when she spots him. Bash goes running into his arms, and they hug as if it's been seven months instead of seven hours since they last saw one another. I listen to them chatter, eager to compare their days, as we drive home, and I smile to have My Three together again.

I love Tuesdays! 

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