Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

I did terribly last year. Resolutions were a joke. Instead of writing and photographing more I did less. It was a rough year for many people I know, and I wasn't prepared for it. 2014 was so absolutely amazing that it would make sense that 2015 wouldn't be quite as good. I wasn't prepared for how very bad it would be at times though. 2015 was a rough year. We powered through, but not without bruises and scars. Not without tears and moments of "I simply can't do this anymore." We made it out on the other side together. Here's hoping that 2016 has more highs than lows, more friends than foes, and more laughter than tears. 

This is easily one of my favorite mottos when entering a new year. I've posted it in both 2014 and 2015. I'm making it a goal. The idea is that I will wrote something, even if it's only one sentence, every day in 2016. It might be as simple as "Wow. This day really sucked." or, on a more positive note, "This was one of the best days ever!", (let's hope for more of those than not, right?) but I will write something.

To up the challenge to myself to do more things I enjoy, I will also take a photograph of something, anything, every day in 2016. At least one. (Hopefully more.) I hope that, in making this a challenge for myself, I can start to find some of the joy in these things that I once did. 

Here's to making 2016 one helluva good book!

Our first family picture of 2016!

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