Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Long Time Ago...

Today I watched Penn State loose spectacularly to Georgia in the Gator Bowl. (Because I refuse to call it the Tax Slayer Bowl. What an asinine name.) By spectacularly I don't mean that it was a horrible loss. I mean it was actually an exciting game to watch where you actually thought they might come back to tie it and go into overtime until those last 5 seconds or so. Good job, Penn State. I look forward to next season.

After the game is the important part though, because we took the littles out to the mall for some special family time. Eleanor and I wanted to see the new Girl of the Year at American Girl, (You laugh here, but she gets just as excited as Mommy to go look at the dolls, and ran around with her mouth wide open saying "Wow! Wooooow! Wow!") and the boys had gift cards for Build A Bear that were burning holes in their pockets. Parker had been sitting on his two since last Christmas as a matter of fact, so he was more than ready to cash in. (You laugh, but the boys are just as excited as Mommy to stuff fluffy bears with plush hearts and love.) 

I sort of love that my littles are into some of the same things Mommy is into. 

Bash really wanted a Storm Trooper bear. A Storm Trooper bear with a blue light saber to be exact. Of course, the Storm Trooper bears were the only ones they were sold out of up in Denver. While he tried to make another decision, bravely looking over Darth Vader bears as a second choice, Daddy made a phone call to the mall down in Colorado Springs to find out that they had "more than enough" Storm Trooper bears to go around. Of course they did. Back we trecked to The Springs, which was in our direction anyways, and Bash very quickly selected the very first Storm Trooper bear he saw. It's darn cute too.

Not so, Parker. Much like a little girl long ago, and a grown woman most days now come to think of it, he agonized over his decision. First there were four possibilities, the three, then four again, down to two, back to four...The two women who worked there started turning off lights and tapping their toes even though we still had a half an hour before they were supposed to close. I glared right back at them and hovered about as he went back and forth and back again. It was quite an ordeal, and it took all of our half hour, but he made a choice. It's pretty freaking awesome too!

Look at that! I just made it with two minutes to spare! Two days and two entries! I'm on a roll! 

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