Friday, January 29, 2016

14 Years Later...

Going unplugged yesterday was nice. Apparently my phone liked the idea so much that it hasn't accepted a call or text message in two days, so if you were trying to get in touch with me I'm sorry. The phone took going unplugged seriously.

I need a journal for my unplugged days, or even just days I'd rather write than type. I did write a little something though, because I said I would.

Today is January 29th. Fourteen years ago, on this day, this guy I'd been dating and I decided to officially become a couple. If I'm being honest, I was already pretty head over heels for this freckle faced, curly haired boy. He'd been one of my very close friends for a couple of years, so when we'd gone on our first couple of dates recently I'd very quickly realized I was hooked. I think it took him a little longer. 😉 

It can't have been too long though. We were engaged a very short four months later, though it would be another three years before I married him. 

I knew I loved him then. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Even when he drove me up a wall, made me angry, made me want to scream, (really made me scream), made me crazy...I knew we just made sense together. I could never have predicted all the amazing things that we'd share now though. Here. Fourteen years later!

I didn't predict the health issues I would have that would make growing our family so much harder than we'd planned. Or how amazing they would finally be when they arrived.

I didn't predict the military, or the three deployments in three years, one of which that had him away for the birth of his second child. 

I didn't predict the homesickness, the heartache, the tears, the friends, the joy, the hope, the happiness. 

And through every step of it, the stuff I predicted and the stuff I didn't, he's been there. My team mate. My partner. My best friend. 

I couldn't ask for anyone better, and I look forward to seeing what we look like in another fourteen years. Happy "We're Official" Anniversary!

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