Saturday, May 12, 2012

P90X Week 5

Woo hoo! Week five! That means I start Phase Two today. Part of me never thought I would make it this far. Yes, I have far to go, but I am really pleased that I have stuck with it this long. It's not easy, but it is something I actually am starting to enjoy. (Except for Plyometrics. I will never enjoy Plyometrics.)

I will be doing two new videos this week, plus some of my old favorites. And (AHHHHHH!) I'll be doing plyometrics again this week. I did enjoy a week off from that. Ah well.

I will also hit 30 days this week, which marks 1/3 of the way done. I'm excited! Lets get started! Do your best and forget the rest!

Week 5 Weight: Well, this week started off on an up point. I'm down FIVE whole pounds since last week. That is always a good thing! Let's see if I can keep that going, shall we?

Sunday May, 6, 2012
Week 5, Day 29:
Well that was fun. There were several push ups that I just couldn't do, even with my modifications. I am just not ready for one handed anything yet. :0) It is slightly discouraging, but the number of things that I could do, things that just weeks ago were impossible, made up for it. I am so please that I can see the changes in my abilities. And I'm not even quite 1/3 of the way done yet. It can only go up from here!

Monday May, 7, 2012
Week 5, Day 30:
Yay!!! It's day THIRTY!!! I'm 1/3 of the way done with my first round of P90X! I'm so excited! Almost excited enough to make up for the fact that today is Plyometrics day.


For some reason I really struggled with Plyo today. On the one hand there were things I was doing that I couldn't do before. On the other hand, I felt like I was dying. I got dizzy and nauseous, which hasn't happened to me before, even during Plyo. I figured it was my body telling me to take it easier, so I did a little towards the end. It was a little frustrating to feel this out of it, especially after I have been doing this for 30 days now, but I am sure that it happens sometimes. Sometimes you just have an off day. It will be better next week. As better as Plyometrics can be anyways.

Tuesday May, 8, 2012
Week 5, Day 31:
Back and Biceps today. New video. I liked it. Apparently I have wobbily biceps, but that is OK. They will get stronger. At least, I hope so. :0) I have 2 more weeks of it in this phase, and I am hoping I am not so wobbily by the end of those weeks.

Wednesday May, 9, 2012
Week 5, Day 32:
OK, I don't know what my issue has been with yoga lately. I loved it the first couple of weeks, but last week and now this week, it's causing me issues. Well, I am pretty sure I know what my issue was last week, and that might be part of it for this week too. Either way, it is frustrating.

Yoga started off much better today. My mind was clear, I was reaching and stretching, it felt good. I was beginning to think I had worked out of my slump. Then the world came down. Parker wasn't listening, Sebastian started crying, my Mom called. It's hard to clear your mind when there is so much going on. What started out as a clear mind ready for yoga ended up a crowded dome that just got more irritated every time Tony told me to clear my mind in his soft, whispery yoga voice. Pretty soon I just wanted to punch him in his face, which I am assuming is not a good mind set for yoga.

I still finished it off, and the second half was much better than the first half. I think I even managed to relax, though I somehow ended up with a Finn McMissel tattoo during my ohms. :0) I think the last week or two I have been more in the mind set of hard core, angry work outs. I know that Yoga has its place, but it's bad timing for now. I'll get back to it. I will. Next week has to be better. *crossing fingers* I'm trying to do my best and forget the rest, but I can't seem to forget that Michael wil be so disappointed in me if I can't do this. Again, not a good mind set for yoga. Darn it.

Thursday May, 10, 2012
Week 5, Day 33:
Legs and back, and can I just say that wall squats make me cry. But they also make me happy. I don't have to clear my mind. I can just sit (squat) there and think about how much I hate this move and how I am going to kick it's ass. That makes me happy, and makes it easier to get through it.

I might have aggression issues. :0)

Anyways, things went well. It's always good to feel your rear end hurting. It lets me know I really used those muscles well.

Friday May, 11, 2012
Week 5, Day 34:
YAY! KENPO!!! Oh, my beloved Kenpo, how I eagerly wait for you every week. Just another reason that Friday is my most favorite day! I did kenpo later in the day today, because there was some stuff that had to get done during the morning hours, but it was still a blast. There are a few things I am having some issues with in all the work outs this week. I seem to be having some balance issues. At first I thought it was just with yoga and plyo, but it seems to be happening with everything, even my beloved kenpo. I am not sure what is wrong with me. Maybe I'm just tired. It is frustrating to have moves I've been doing fine for weeks though leave me stumbling over.

I was sweating like crazy though, and it felt great. I love, love, love kenpo! Always a great way to end the week and start out my weekend. I've said it before. Kenpo is one of those things I could see myself doing regularly long after I am done with P90X.

Saturday May, 12, 2012
Week 5, Day 35:
Day of rest and the end of week five. Woot. I really will be done with all of this before I know it. Then it will be time for P90X Round Two. I might give myself a few days off in between. Might. Or I might just do Kenpo for a solid week. I <3 my Kenpo!


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