Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Every Day Life With My Big Boy!

I love being the mother of a toddler. Not just any toddler...my toddler. I think he is exceptional, though I suppose I would be considered biased. Still, every day he is doing something new that makes me laugh, warms my heart, and leaves me feeling blessed.

I asked Parker to get me the wipes earlier, (I can't remember if it was for his nose or something for Sebastian...we go through a lot of wipes in this house.) but we couldn't find them. (Wipes also regularly get misplaced in this house.) When I asked Parker where he thought they were, he quickly informed me that Daddy must have taken them. Poor Daddy, who was at work and unable to defend himself, was quick to become our wipe swiping suspect.

With a serious expression fitting to the situation, Parker lifted his little palm and started dialing, assuring me that "I'll call Daddy on my hand!" It didn't need to be said that he intended to get answers. With a focused little frown, he raised his left hand up to his ear, ready to confront the culprit via hand phone.

"Daddy?" he said, all seriousness, turning away from me and starting to walk across the room slowly. Apparently, this conversation was too stern for Mommy to be a witness to. "Daddy, you took the wipes?" A pause. "Hmmmm. Oh. OK." He sounded more cheerful at that, and was nodding slightly. He turned back to me with a smile and nod, reassuring me that all was OK and that my Parker was taking care of everything.

After a few more moments of conversation, he said goodbye and hung up. (closed his little fist) He smiled at me again and reassured me that we'd find the wipes. (We did too. Turns out poor Daddy had nothing to do with it.)

Every day is a joy! Even the rough ones. :0)


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