Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Gallbladder

Dear Gallbladder, 

This isn't working out. We've given it a good run, really we have. After all, most relationships don't last almost 28 years. But I can't do this anymore. We were just fine until I got pregnant with Parker, but you started to hurt me then. You stopped after he was born, and I thought maybe...but it all started up again when I got pregnant with Sebastian, and this time, it's just gotten worse. So, I am sorry, but it's time for us to part ways. A part of me will always miss you, but I just can't do it anymore. I'm going back to my life. 


Yup, I divorced my gallbladder. It became final on Friday. Now I'm almost back to normal with the exception of the incision in my belly button. Now I know I'll never get it pierced. :0)

I was scared to death. Not about the surgery. It's the most common surgery performed in the United States I believe, and I figured they'd have a hard time botching it up, even here. Being put under really scares me though. I know the odds are slim, but so many things can go wrong when you are put under that I really had myself psyched out about it. Turns out, I should have been scared about the IV.

I haven't had a successful IV placed in my hand since I was 10 and had surgery on my ankle. I always tell them this when they go to start an IV on me, and usually I am talking to normal, rational people who don't get their jollies out of causing others pain who will go ahead and put the IV in slightly further up my arm where it might actually work. This time though I was back there by myself, they told me it was "policy", and they wouldn't let Michael back until they got it in. So I let them try, though I warned them several times it wouldn't work and showed them where they could get their best IV to stick.

Four people and nine, yes nine, sticks later, they finally got it in...EXACTLY where I had showed them would be the best place. One of their failed attempts actually hit a nerve that caused my hand to convulse violently. It still hurts terribly if I make a fist, so I am hoping that will stop soon. After that I was almost happy to have them come in and give me the "happy drugs". :0) 

Everything went well and I had the best experience waking up that I've ever had after a surgery. I went home and slept a lot of that day while Michael toughed it out around the house and with the boys. After 2 days of being in charge, not only do I think he was happy to get back to work, but I think he has an all new respect for just what it is I do all day. :0) He's a great husband.

Now we're just eagerly getting ready for Halloween around here! I can't wait to share our stories and pictures!


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