Friday, July 1, 2011

The Gender Prediction Project Entry 6

Yesterday marked 34 weeks pregnant for me and my little Legs. I'm excited, and nervous, and excited, and scared, and excited...did I mention that already? lol! I have my bags mostly packed except for the last minute things I'll need to throw in like the camera and laptop. I've got the things together for my son's overnight bag. The breast pump is bought and waiting to be used, I got my Moby Wrap in the mail today, and the Moses Basket is all washed up and ready for baby. Clothes are washed, diapers are stacked, I even have a little gift for Parker from his baby brother and sister to give him at the hospital when they why don't I feel ready? I am sure there is a multitude of reasons, and I am just as sure that everything will fall into place like it always has been when Legs arrives. 

And until then, we still have 6 more weeks (approximately) of gender guessing to go!

Daddy's Weight

This old wive's tale involved Daddy getting on the scale instead of you, which I personally think is a nice change of pace for a pregnant Mommy. The "rule" is that if Daddy gains weight during your pregnancy you can expect a little boy, but if he maintains his pre-pregnancy weight you can expect a little girl. 
This tale was correct with my son, as Daddy was the only one who actually gained weight while I was pregnant. (For some reason, I lose during my pregnancies.) Michael was not happy to be the only one gaining during my pregnancy. I will admit, it tickled me a bit. :0) This time around Daddy reports that he hasn't gained anything (Though he isn't home with us, so I can't check on him behind his back. Pure honor system.) which means we are predicted a girl this time around. On the other hand, Daddy could be lying. I guess if the baby comes out with a penis I'll have to call Michael out on his weight gain! ;0)

Nipple Color

Apparently, the color of your areolae has darkened considerably it can tell you what you are having. If you are like me and have next to no color anywhere on your body, this would probably be really easy no notice. If you already have pretty dark nipples, I am not sure how hard it would be to tell. According to the tale, if you are getting darker under your bra, you can expect a little boy in your future. No change? A little girl is on the way. 

Honestly, I couldn't remember with my son if my nipples darkened, so I asked someone who I knew would husband. I consider him the leading expert on all things involving my breasts. He certainly pays more attention to them than I do. He said they did darken slightly, though it certainly didn't last, which makes this another tale that was correct with my son. This time there is no doubt. Even someone as completely oblivious to their body as myself can't deny that these babies have gotten dark. It seemed to happen over night. One day I was in the shower, looked down and thought 'Wow, look at that...I wonder if there is an old wive's tale about that!' Sure enough, there was, and it predicts another boy this time around.

Front Or Back?
This tale is all about how you are carrying the extra weight. Apparently if it's all out front and people behind you wouldn't be able to tell you are pregnant until you turned around, you are expecting a boy. If you are getting wider not only in your stomach, but in your hips, rear, and thighs, a little girl is on the way. Darn girls! I don't think anyone should ever tell a pregnant Mommy that her rear is getting wider, even if it is true, but apparently some people are just that stupid brave. 
With my son he was way out there in the front. I looked like I was a walking distortion mirror there at the end. I suppose that makes this another tale that was correct with my son. This time I am also carrying out. While I am not as out there as I felt I was with my son, I am certainly not gaining any weight anywhere else. In fact, I look thinner in every place except my belly. (I am down 20lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight though.) That would mean I am predicted a boy again this time. 
Show Me Your Hands!
Nope, this has nothing to do about getting arrested. It's all about if you would put your hands palms up or palms down if someone were to ask you to show them your hands. Apparently if you would present your hands to a person palms up you are expecting a little girl, while palms down would mean a boy. 
It's an off day when I don't have multiple people asking me to show them my hands. ;0) For the sake of science of course, I had to figure this one out. Turns out my inclination is to offer my hands palms up when asked, meaning that I am predicted a girl this pregnancy. I certainly don't remember anyone asking me to show them my hands when I was pregnant with my son, but I can only assume that my instincts would have been the same then, making this incorrect with my son...of course, I could be wrong. 

Those are all the wacky predictions I have this time around! Stay tuned though! I plan on adding a whole lot more before Baby Legs makes his/her arrival!

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