Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whooo's Who Friday

Sneaky Momma Blog Design

Here's how it's done:

*Enter your main blog link to the linky below!
*Please post the Whooo's Who button somewhere in a post on your blog so others can find it. (You can find it in this blog or in my sidebar.) 
*Check out as many blogs as you feel meet your interests. If you do check out a blog, even if you don't decide to follow, leave a comment letting the blog author know you visited.

*If you follow a blog, make sure to let them know you're following and where you found their blog. 

*Don't feel obligated to follow anyone, even if they follow you, but it is polite to visit people's blogs and thank them for following you.
*Family friendly sites ONLY. All others will be deleted and blocked.

* Have Fun!!! This should be a wonderful, fun experience for everyone involved.

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