Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday: Fall Continued

Once again I'm going back only to last year at this time to continue this month's Flashback Friday theme of Bubba's First Fall. If you would like to see the first two flashbacks in this series, please feel free to check out my Fall and More Fall posts!

The morning of Bubba's first Halloween we dressed for the occasion and went outside to have a Fun Fall Photoshoot that we could send off to our family back in Ohio and Daddy who was overseas. As always, my son was ready for the occasion.

He's so photogenic, and even by 6 months old was so used to the camera that he knew how to pose when he saw the little orange light. 

Of course, Mommy had to get a First Halloween picture with her little man!

Next week you'll finally get to see our costumes! I know you've all been just dying with suspense! 

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Christopher And Tia said...

Lookit how cuuute! Its my Evelyn's first Halloween this year, but shes still struggling to hold her own head up straight, so- not sure that we'll get to have much of a fun photoshoot like yours (although, I do plan on putting her inside of a carved out pumpkin, haha). I love his little outfit, his chubby little tummy wrapped all tightly in it. Very cute.